Friday, March 6, 2009

Blooming Friday -- March 6, 2009

Purple dead-nettle (Lamium purpureum) is naturalized from Europe, a weed really, but it's one of those low-growing early-blooming weeds that I let grow in many parts of the garden. I rather like it, with its fuzzy mauve top leaves and tiny pink flowers. It's one of the harbingers of early spring.

Georgia speedwell (Veronica peduncularis)

Our resident garden fairy, who likes to roll in the dirt

First breath of spring (Lonicera fragrantissma) is still covered with
buds and blooms, after I don't know how many weeks (I've lost count).

Today was the first day in many that was warm enough for the honeybees to come out.

The daffs are just beginning to open up, completely unfazed by the recent cold temps.

Thanks to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. Nice to see that spring has come to your place! Nice photos, too. :-)

  2. Lovely spring photos you are sharing with us this Friday. The Veronica flowers are stunning! I've named my daughter after just that flower.

    Have a great weekend/ Tyra

  3. Here the snow is deep. Thank you for bringing spring - or hope of spring - to me.

  4. Great signs of spring. The blue colour of the Veronica is just lovely!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. What a sweet garden fairy! :) Many pretty flowers too. That Georgia Speedwell has a gorgeous blue colour.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Yes, I can see where the Spring is.
    Hope it comes here very quick.

  7. Thanks for the visit to my blog. You have some nice pics here and I love your kitty!

  8. Thank you for stopping by and commenting everyone.

  9. The Veronicas are so very blue - love that colour!
    I've been searching for seeds of First Breath of Spring, but so far, no luck. It seems to be a terrific bloomer this time of year, and I could do with a few more early bloomers.
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Love the purples on those flowers...gorgeous! Watch out for the cat...he looks hungry!

  11. isn't it nice that there are plants like these that remind us that spring is coming?... and you did a great job capturing the little flowers of georgia speedwell...

    hope you'll have a sunny weekend :)

  12. LOL thanks Dave. She really is a pussy cat, except to er, rats, mice, and other things she can fit into her mouth. :)

    Thank you lareine. We're supposed to have glorious weather this weekend. We're due, after the 34 degree rain we had last weekend!

  13. Good Morning...Your Blooming Friday was lovely...I enjoy the winter blooming honeysuckle's scent wafting over the fence! I love the little European weeds, too! One of my favorites is Henbit! They look somewhat similar...I wish that it was safe to let Coal into the garden, but it isn't...a garden needs a cat! Sweetbay, I hope your weekend is filled with gardening and adventures.

  14. Hi Gail,
    Thank you. We have some Henbit here as well. ;) I believe it's a Lamium too. I just like the colors of Dead Nettle and Henbit, of both the foliage and the flowers.

    It looks like we are going to be blessed with a beautiful weekend.

  15. Spring is popping out all around. Love those blue flowers especially. Thanks for visiting my blog... I've had a look around here and I'll be back to see what's brewing in the weeks ahead. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  16. Oooh, Sweetbay, Georgia Blue, one of most favorites of the early bloomers. Mine are not quite open but my daughter Semi's are. That blue with the yellow daffs is unbeatable, throw in some coral quince, white, for me hellebores, and you've got spring! Thanks for sharing your season with us, just a little ahead of us, like looking into the future! :-)

  17. Looks like spring has arrived in your garden. The speedwell is a gorgeous color.

    Always Growing


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