Friday, March 20, 2009

Blooming Friday

This morning I noticed that sheet-web weaver spiders had spun webs all through the skeletons of last year's Bidens that I haven't yet taken down. These webs most likely belong to the bowl and doily spider, Frontinella pyramitela . They are beautiful when covered with dew and amazingly complex.

The bloodroot in one of our beds next to the house waited until a sunny day to finally open. This lovely native is one of the most ephemeral of flowers, often only lasting a day or 2. When we lived in Pennsylvania we used to visit a park that had spectacular colonies of bloodroot. While beautiful as a single flower, they are truly breathtaking en masse.

One of the earliest native shrubs to bloom, highbush blueberry is beginning to open up.

The white and pink bells look like confectionary.

Chicksahaw plums (Prunus angustifolia) usually sucker to form large groups, but there is just one growing at the edge of the ditch near the old house site, under a young blackgum tree. I prefer a single tree anyway; the form and blooms have a delicacy and refinement that displays better with a specimen tree.

Thanks to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. Hi Sweetbay

    For an arachnophobe I enjoyed this post.

    Beautiful pics


  2. Ah, the flowers of the Highbush Blueberry are so sweet - and the simili of confectionary is perfect!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Sweetbay, everything is so lovely, and spring-like, and the spider web is so interesting with the morning dew:-) The bloodroot is particularly pretty!

  4. Lovely photos of the plum - but I think I like the spider's web best =)

  5. it must be wonderful to wake up and see the dew-covered web!... it looks like some sheer fabric glistening with the water drops...

    and it seems spring is now right at your doorstep... just look at all these blooms!... and the bees busy this early? that is a good sign!...

    and the bloodroot looks sublime!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Sweetbay, your photos shout out spring, they are the next best thing to seeing them in person, well done, as always. Thanks for the ID on the spider. We noticed those webs in nearly every plant after a foggy day last week. It was a fairyland. :-)

  7. Hi,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    Interesting to see your lovely photo and I really love the plum blossom with the bug.
    Spider web is alway beautiful with water drops.

    I see that we have a few friend in common . HelenJ is a fantstic person and I meet her through the blog and in IRL a few weeks ago.

    Jan - I found on blotanical.

    /Maria Berg, MB

  8. I forgot to ask where is NC?
    I know NY new york but NC?

    I will also say I like the iris and the big garden you have "In the forest".

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog! The phlox are one of my favourites. I really enjoyed the pictures of plum blossoms. And what a busy spider!



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