Saturday, June 16, 2012

Musical daylilies

Last Saturday we went to the beach. The hypnotic power of the sea on a fine day is a great thing. We did the usual: got to the beach in time for lunch at Big Daddy's, took a long walk on the beach, visited the Fort Fisher aquarium, and drove around Dunkin Doughnuts for a glazed on the way home. Not only is the aquarium itself pretty amazing, there's a garden outside too. Not grand but always something pretty and interesting. This time we saw 2 plants I hadn't seen in person before: 'Perfume Deep Purple' Nicotiana ~ truly a deep beautiful purple, and I ordered seeds for it after we got home ~ and the ornamental grass Lagarus ovatus 'Bunny Tails'. I enjoyed seeing the African Daisies too, which I have not grown with success. They might like the dry bed up near the mailbox that DH wants to install. Currently the plantings up there just consist of a rosemary, lavender, Butterfly Weed, and Eastern Silvery Aster.

Here it's daylily time. Which means it's time to move daylilies around. I do not put the effort into labelling that I should so the colors and heights don't always end up where I want them. (The best and cheapest way is probably a metal tag marked by engraving or a Pilot Silver Market attached to the base of some leaf stems by a fine wire. Then the tag can't be pulled up or broken by being stepped on.)

Daylily season starts here with 'Smuggler's Gold' and 'Bleu Celeste', which is not blue at all but a two-toned pink.

'Red Volunteer'

with 'Lion in Winter'

From left to right: 'Golden Compass' or Tar and Feather', 'Little Missy', 'Shady Lady', 'Lion in Winter', and 'Red Volunteer'.

'Tang' in foreground

The cream, pink and yellow blended pastel 'Beautiful Edgings' is one of my absolute favorites. The pink is 'My Melinda' and I moved out the golden yellow 'Buttered Popcorn' after snapping the picture.

This yellow noid is fantastic: elegant, long-blooming, and very fragrant.

'Jedi Blue Note'

I love purple daylilies and 'Indian Giver' is unique in its clear shade of rosey grape purple. Even though I have to spray the daylilies with peppermint every night to keep the deer at bay I want to add a few more daylilies (makes sense right?) and more 'Indian Giver' is definitely on the list. I don't feel like dividing the daylilies further this year. I'd rather just let the clumps mature more.

This weekend we are enjoying magnificent weather: breezy, low humidity, upper '70's. Reminds me of New England or Canada in the summer. Not like our usual steam bath.


  1. Hello there:) Glad you had a break. These flowers are lovely. I especially like the water droplets on the petals. Welcome flowers to have around a garden. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. 'Beautiful Edgings' is absolutely gorgeous, especially paired with the pink one in the background. Hmmm, now where could I make room for more daylilies....:)

    I have a yellow NOID much like yours; in fact, it's a DIPT--I really don't remember planting a yellow one in its place at all!

    Your weather sounds heavenly; we're sweltering in the 90's today.

  3. Daylilies are wonderful in all times and your elegant creamy light yellow is lovely!

  4. Glad you had a good time at the beach, rejuvenating isn't it? Lavender Stardust is lovely, well, ok they ALL are lovely. I need to add some more colors. This is such a great time of year for pretty.

  5. Wow! Your lilies are just gorgeous. I have had my eye on the Indian Giver lily. Now that I have seen the real thing I really want it. LOL!. I wondered about the Red Volunteer too and it is a beautiful red. They are beautify.

  6. It is Daylily Days in my gardens too. I do not have the names any more...just blooms.
    Interesting you move your day lilies now.
    90's here with high humidity...
    Love your photographs...
    Yellow noid is gorgeous....

  7. The weather has indeed been marvelous lately, though I here summer will be here by the end of the week. Your daylilies are beautiful.

  8. I have to admit that Daylillies have such teriffic names.

    I think Indian Giver is a gem.

  9. The beach sounds like a fun respite.
    The daylilies are looking beautiful. Glad you're having some cool breezy days to enjoy.

  10. Wow! Your collection of plants is enviable.Those last couple of shots of 'Indian Giver' are amazing! You can see every droplet of water on each of the petals so clearly and the flower simply glows in the sun.

  11. Beautiful! I love your mixed informal plantings. I am glad you got a break, we also go to the beach to recharge.

  12. Your daylilies are beautiful! I rarely remember the names of mine. When I created a new bed last fall I added several clumps of daylilies that needed more moisture. I had no idea what color there were since they hadn't bloomed much last summer. It's been a fun surprise to wait for them to bloom.

  13. You have a wonderful selection of Day Lilies. I like 'Indian Giver' in particular.
    Nice to hear you are having good weather - The UK is submerging into the sea after weeks of rain :-)

  14. Hi Sweet Bay!
    Haven't been by in a LONG while but I see your garden hasn't missed me ~ it's blooming beautifully. You have always amazed me with your collection of daylilies.
    That deep purple nicotiana sounds VERY intriguing. I've never seen it or heard of it but now I'm going to google it!!
    Your trip to the beach sounds heavenly ~ and the weather can't be beat. We are the ones sweltering in triple digit heat!
    Glad you took the day off!

  15. Love this "A welcome break from the usual round of too much work and not enough time to do it all." Your words about sum up my life here too. I might add besides time . . . energy! I hope you had a lovely break by the sea. Gorgeous blooms and your photography is equally stunning. Our first daylilies are just beginning to open here. Your weekend was more like our what our summers once were. Here in New England we had temps in the 90's! Glad you had a break in temps and a getaway.

  16. Nothing like a trip to the beach to perk one back into shape. Your lilies look so happy intermingling with each other. I have some that need to be moved as they have outgrown their habitat. It will be a who knows what goes where game as none of my lilies are marked…

  17. A break is always important, u can charge energy for the rest of the journey.
    So lovely colours your lilies have. I love the last pictures with alliums behind.



  18. Quelles merveilleuses photos ! Et quel adorable blog !!

  19. Sounds like you had a great day. I think my favorite daylilies are the yellow no id and 'Beautiful Edgings'.


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