Friday, June 29, 2012


Opening the front door is like opening the door to an oven. The temperature at 6:30pm is 99 degrees, down from a peak of 104 an hour earlier.

Everything was wonderful until the first day of summer (aka hell). We did get one marvelous day of reprieve on Wednesday, yesterday wasn't too bad, but today the heat was so intense you could see the waves rippling up like gas on an unlit range. It felt like one spark would set the world afire.

I watered everything up yesterday and hope that will carry the plants through. I'll have to run the sprinkler some too but I'd like not to stand around holding a hose.

The daylilies, phlox and Monarda are blooming. Daylilies are tough. They can take just about anything.

The flowers on the right which looks red is actually a deep burgundy/pink and are the flowers
of 'Dayspring' Oakleaf Hydrangea. They've never turned such a dramatic color before.

I can't find a tag for the tall yellow daylilies on the right. Although nameless for now and difficult to impossible to photograph in bright light, they have been stalwarts during the mid and late daylily season. They are beautiful and very fragrant.

'Siloam David Kirchhoff'

'Catherine Neal'

'Blackjack Cherry'

'Ruby Spider'

Allium sphaerocephalon is a great filler among the daylilies and has a very long bloom time.

'My Melinda' with 'Marie Pavie'

'Shady Lady'

Back to hellfire again tomorrow, with an expected high of 107. I know much of the country is suffering with extreme heat. Try to stay cool everyone!


  1. Great shots! I love the photo of Catherine Neal, is wonderful! We're in wet weather here, the plants need more warm, the rain every day tires.

  2. Lovely flowers. Well it's usually hot in the summer here....but it's been hottER than normal and that is pretty miserable! We're hoping it cools down next week....or at least crossing our fingers. The humidity is a killer. Cool off somewhere nice. Those blooms are beautiful!

  3. In spite of the hellish temps, your gardens look fantastic. You have such lovely blooms. I love all of the colors.

    Try to keep cool and don't stay outside too long.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Well from the looks of the photos your garden it just absolutely flourishing! You be careful with that heat now.

  5. What a gorgeous array of daylilies! Thanks for taking the time to step out into the heat to take these photos. Our temps aren't quite that high, but almost. Even by early morning it's been too hot to work in the garden; about all I'm doing lately is watering. Stay cool!

  6. It will be an interesting experiment to see which plants tolerate this heat! I feel like all I am doing is watering.

  7. Brutally hot here, too. Had a crazy storm rip through last night. LOVE your daylilies. Do you think the really tall fragrant yellow one is Hyperion? I have a clump of those are they are practically bullet proof.

  8. Casa I have Hyperion and the tall yellow one is not that one. This one is taller, larger flower, paler, and more fluted. I can't find a receipt for a daylily that fits that description, so when the heat subsides and the daylilies are almost done I'm going to go tag hunting again. One of the plants has to have a tag, right?!

  9. Wow! What lovely flowers! They must like that hot weather!!! It must be hot everywhere!! A little rain would help matters.

  10. Feels like a blast furnace doesn't it? Whew.
    Your monarda, lilies, and hydrangeas look wonderfully lush.
    The many Siloam varieties out there are just lovely. Love that pale pink.
    Thought of you the other day, bought three tiny rugosas...'David Thompson', think the weather will be cooler in the morning so I can plant them. Already planted some of the other newbies.

  11. Your garden looks so cool and fresh it is hard to imagine it is baking! Your daylilies are beautiful, and that oakleaf hydrangea is just spectacular.

  12. Your garden is looking beautiful as usual. I adore lilies and you have some beauties in yours. I love that Blackjack Cherry and the Ruby Spider. They are just gorgeous. I think this summer is going to really tell us which of our plants are the tough ones. This heat and dry weather has been just terrible.

  13. Your garden seems to be withstanding the heat well thus far. Everything looks quite beautiful! I hope the high temps will soon break. I think our temps have been a little less than yours, only 103.

  14. Your plants are still beautiful despite the heat. Here during our dry season we cannot expect to see greens like those even if we only have temps as high as 36C. Our humidity is so high which makes standing outside like as you described "hell". I laughed at your mention of the word, very hellish indeed!We cannot grow those lilies here in the hot tropics, only in our highlands which is just one place in the whole country.

  15. Sweetbay, I wish I could exchange some of the coolness of our evenings for some of your heat. :)
    Your garden looks lovely; I hope you can get out there and enjoy it again soon. xo

  16. There you are overwhelmed by heat while we are cool and drowning in rain - perhaps a combination of the two climates would be ideal :-)
    Lovely Daylily pictures. I am always amazed by the variety you have on show.

  17. Wow, 107 with eastern humidity must be excruciating. The daylilies don't seem to mind, though. They're looking pretty and cool.

  18. There must only be a few "pockets" of the country that are getting rain & cooler weather. Sorry you've joined the rest of us in the heat dept SB. Your daylilies look like they are handling it beautifully tho. If I'm outside for any amount of time, I come in dripping wet ~ & we have "dry" heat here so I can only imagine with humidity too. Hang in there!

  19. Hi SB! I just wanted to tell you ~ the purple blooms you asked about are purple tubeflowers. They were trained to a standard shape but usually are just plants. I like them because the hummingbirds do.:)

    Hope it's cooled off a bit???
    Happy Sunday.


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