Friday, February 3, 2012

Changes in the Gimghoul Road neighborhood, Part II

The Gimghoul Road neighborhood in Chapel Hill is surrounded by Battle Woods, which has
never been developed and is a place of natural beauty, with hardwoods, Piedmont azaleas,

and fringetrees.

The Gimghoul Road neighborhood has always had beauty and character. Each house is unique and many on Gimghoul Road have lush green lawns and beautiful specimen trees.

This house has a much larger stretch of lawn than most of the others.

American Beech

White Oak

Glandon Road, the second road that forms the loop that is the neighborhood, is shadier than Gimghoul and most of the yards are wooded.

There have always been dogwoods and some azaleas here, their fallen petals
like a brilliant reflection of the flowers above on the sandstone paths.

In the last few years there have been the addition of more gardens in the neighborhood.

Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight'

Iris pallida


Japanese roof iris and woodland phlox

I like the cottage garden in front of this small yellow house, with its rosemary and salvias.

Baptisia australis

The residents were no doubt inspired by the famous Sisters' Garden, which is colorful in both spring and summer.


and lilies in the sister's back yard.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of the Gimghoul Road neighborhood. It is a wonderful place.


  1. I really DID enjoy the tour through this neighborhood. Since everything is drab here, it's a pleasure to see these lush and blooming lawns! I could live in one of those houses:-)

  2. What a beautiful neighborhood! Thanks for the tour.

  3. what a lovely neighbourhood. I adore the fact that so many of the owners are putting in wonderful flower gardens right down to the sidewalk so everyone can enjoy them - a real generosity of spirit.

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful little tour. I'm sure it was pure joy to the senses to see in person.


  5. Oprowadziłaś mnie po pięknych i zadbanych miejscach. Pozdrawiam.*** You showed me the beautiful and neat places. Yours.

  6. A feast for the eyes and an inspiration; a window into the spring that awaits us.

  7. This neighborhood reminds me of an old Colonial neighborhood in New England. Very shady and elegant. It's a lovely tour through the area. I think the people who made their frontyard a garden did an awesome job. Maybe more will follow.

  8. I did enjoy the tour, thanks for the lovely stroll through a beautiful neighborhood.

  9. Gorgeous neighborhood, like a really nice movie set. Hey, did I just see Julia Roberts?

  10. Amazing, beautiful neighborhood ... So many trees, so many plants ... Thank you, Sweetbay !!!

  11. Awesome post. That neighborhood is lovely... I had to google it!

  12. I KNEW I *needed* to visit you SB and today was the perfect day. I'm feeling sorry for myself because of all the snow we have and how cold it's been. Now that I've looked at these summer photos, I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about spring coming. I think this climate bothers me more every year! Great neighborhood this is ~ maybe I should move here?!!!!
    Hope you've been well? I'm sorry I've been such a terrible blog visitor.


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