Friday, January 6, 2012

Blooming Friday ~ In Remembrance

This post is in remembrance of last year's summer and fall wildflowers, and a continuation of my very late Wildflower Wednesday contribution.

Spiderworts start blooming in April and continue on and off until cold cuts them down.

A few years ago I put a tiny start of primrose next to the vegetable garden. It didn't do anything at first and I forgot about it until it bloomed in late spring and early summer this year. Pink primrose is a native of the bread basket of our country but likes it very well here too, a little too well some might say, but it may be just the thing for the Zone of Death next to the front sidewalk.

Is it possible to have too many Purple Coneflowers? They look splendid

in each other's company

and with Phlox paniculata 'Robert Poore'.

Another native of our prairie states is Prairie Rose, Rosa
. It makes a gorgeous show of pink in June.

Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'

Bidens create oceans of sunshiny golden yellow in September.

In fall it's time for the asters.

Aromatic Aster blooms in October

while willow leaf aster 'Miss Bessie' is the last aster to bloom, usually starting around Halloween and blooming for a month.

Join Katerina at roses and stuff for more Blooming Fridays from all over the world.


  1. So many beautyful flowers!! Have a great weekend/Gela

  2. Świetne miejsca pokazałaś, ładne kolory Bardzo podoba mi żółtak łąka. Pozdrawiam.

    You showed a great place, nice colors I really like the yellow meadow. Yours.

  3. Oh my goodness, more blooms to make my heart sigh. If I could grow your bidens and asters I'd be a happy camper. I always love your roses too and your spiderworts are a wonderful color.

    Thank you for sharing these beauties.


  4. Hello Sweetbay !!! Beautiful post. Your garden is stunning! Blue and pink colors in garden of my favorites too...thank you for sharing with us...

  5. So many beautiful flowers and at your garden with your space to grow plenty of each they really make something extra :)

  6. This is the right time to remember the flowers of summer. And the right time to sow new ones.
    -Stunning pictures!

  7. Happy new Year! This post could easily be a visual advocate for mass planting. The drifts of flowers are so beautiful!

  8. Wildflowers are my favorites....
    yours are amazing.
    Happy New Year.
    Looking forward to wildflowers in 2012.

  9. Your closeup photos are so beautiful. I'll bet you're looking forward to the gardening season, coming soon.

  10. Those aster 'Miss Bessie' look superb billowing along the edge.

    Roll on warmer days.

  11. In answer to your question, no, you can never have too many coneflowers:) All these beautiful memories are making me long for spring--and we haven't even had real winter yet! Jennifer is right--the drifts of plantings are spectacular.

  12. I love the exuberant show of some of your wildflowers, and the delicacy of others. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, there is so much beauty in your garden!

  13. Especially luv all your purple beauties. The huge drifts of color are amazing. One could say that I "lust" after them:)

    Last year I planted my first Mondarda and hopefully it will survive the winter. It'll be decades before it looks like your though.

    Happy 2012 to you, Sweet Bay.


  14. Very early in my blogging 'career' I saw a photo of a tradescantia --super zoomed in to those wonderful fuzzy stamens. They are such nice flowers. And no, one can never have too many coneflowers. :-)

  15. Such magnificent flowers!
    I especially like the Phlox highlighted by the sun.

  16. So so beautiful!! My tradescantia have had a lot of problems with rust. Are yours in sun, shade, dry soil, moist?? They start out the season looking great but are a mess by midsummer. Grrr!

  17. Came back for one more look at all your lucious purple and yellow blooms. Snowing here today and I'm in need of color and thought of you.


  18. As always, I am so impressed by your garden. That all of these are native flowers makes it even more special. My winter weary eyes thank you for the beautiful floral display!

  19. Wonderful! These gorgeous images of your gardens make me long for verdant abundance wearing thousands of blooms. What a paradise you have created there Sweetbay! Thank you for sharing it. Carol

  20. Thank you everyone for your comments!

    Tammy my spiderworts are usually in full sun or part shade and moist soil. They do look awful in a summer drought but at least they tend to get hidden by taller plants then, or have the decency to go underground until the next year.


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