Friday, January 20, 2012

Blooming Friday ~ Fanciful

In a truly fanciful garden May roses would bloom year round.

Cl. Old Blush



Foxi Pavement with Knockout and R. palustris scandens in background

Rosa palustris scandens

with Alberbic Barbier and possibly Dorothy Perkins in background.


Caldwell Pink

This picture was taken in 2010; currently Sombrueil is leaning against a Wax Myrtle next to the driveway while it awaits a home next to a new trellis that we don't have yet. Since Sombreuil has such stiff thorny canes I'm thinking perhaps some sort of rustic cedar structure where Sombreuil could be loosely draped or tied since it's very difficult to weave through anything.


Rosa arkansana

One of my very favorites, Hansa, on the left

Hybrid China

with Sir Thomas Lipton in background and Foxi Pavement on the right.

However the wait makes their presence that much more sweet. Join Katerina at roses and stuff for more Blooming Fridays from all over the world.


  1. Jak to miło patrzeć na róże, które kwitną w styczniu, gdy u nas szaro - biało. Pozdrawiam. *** ¿Cómo agradable a la vista de las rosas, que florecen en enero, cuando en nuestra gris - blanco. La suya.

  2. I love all your rambling roses, Sweetbay. They remind me of my grandmother's garden where tiny rose blooms rambled over the fence and always bloomed just in time for my birthday.

    It would be nice to have roses blooming all year, but then we might not appreciate them as much, just as the cold weather we're having is going to make me appreciate spring all the more.

  3. How lovely to see and dream of roses today Sweetbay! Lush and verdantly beautiful photos of your gardens and landscape. Yummy! Have a good weekend. Carol

  4. Great to see all those roses in bloom. Made me long for summer.
    Have nice weekend.

  5. An avalanche of roses, sweet, purple and pink roses ... Heaven on earth !

  6. So many lovely roses. Veilchenblau is my favourite. Have a great weekend.

  7. Mmmm, roses in January and lots of pretty pink. This is the way to spend a January afternoon!

  8. Sweetbay,

    Just back from Duke Gardens, no roses were looking anything like you, most just pitiful at best. Wow what a year it is going to be!!

  9. As warm as it has been here, It's a wonder my roses haven't bloomed all winter. We actually have several things blooming way ahead of schedule. I hope this strange weather doesn't ruin our spring color! Hope your Christmas and New Year was blessed! Carla

  10. I love your roses!! I love how unrestrained they all are. Your garden looks like a happy place. :o)

  11. You really have a lot of lovely roses.....
    Have a great weekend :)

  12. Such wonderful mature rose bushes. Love them all!

  13. Sweetbay, Your roses are always amazing. I had to look through a few times!

  14. What a lovely taste of summer...and you're right, of course, if we had them all year long, they would hardly be as precious :-) LOVE the Veilchenblau...that color is so wonderful!

  15. Your roses are impressive! Our roses won't bloom until June.

  16. Just imagine a garden with roses that bloom all year around - how gorgeous that would be!

  17. You have such an enviable collection of roses! I don't know a lot of people who grow hybrid chinas, but I think rosa palustris must be your favorite.

  18. The roses are lovely....but what I really like is that old tractor in the background. :-) I am an original farm gal. haha


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