Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday

The Bidens are fading and going to seed now, but this is what they looked like at their peak one week ago ~ a vast sea of golden yellow.

So such yellow needs a counterpoint of something else, blue, pink or purple.

Japanese Beautyberry

The rich royal purple of American beautyberries

Delicate sprays of purple muhly blooms

Spiderwort 'Zwanenburg Blue'

The Bidens display extends for over a thousand feet beyond the garden, in the ditches next to the pasture. I always wish there was more.

Insects of all sorts love them.

Pearl Crescent


Gray Hairstreak

Female Cloudless Sulfur

I don't know what this little guy is but he's cute.

Eupatorums other than Joe Pye Weed and Blue Mist Flower grow wild
here. Here is an elegant-looking wasp on Hyssop-Leaved Thoroughwort.

Today I am joining Gail at clay and limestone for wonderful Wildflower Wednesday. Better late than never!


  1. Oh I do love all the photos you share each post. I especially love the butterflies - sure hoping to attract lots this year.

    Love Leanne

  2. Love the vast expanse of bidens! Also love the beautberries! I thought I had the Japanese cultivar, not C. americana (because the native apparently has fuzzy leaf undersides?) but your brighter, more clump-like berries look a lot closer to mine. I would love to have the native version afterall! (I got it from a friend who was moving, no tag.)

  3. I always look forward to seeing your bidens in bloom and was NOT disappointed with this years blooms.

    Wonderful butterfly shots too.


  4. You already know how much I love those Bidens. Native plants do such a good job attracting pollinators and how exciting to see so many different visitors to the sea of yellow. I like to leave WW up for several day so more folks can join when they get the time. gail

  5. Those billows and billows of bidens are beautiful : )

    They really are incredible in long rows, in big sweeps and in the acres of meadow they cover. A lovely effect.

  6. The bidens are spectacular, and I just love the insect photos. You do a great job capturing them at work.

  7. This is such a magnificent display of yellow, Sweetbay; I would think motorists would slow down just to take in this sight. We had a few bidens in a planter at the MG Idea Garden this year, and I thought of you every time I saw them--ours were puny compared to yours, though:)

  8. So that what those native coreopsis are called! Is bidens a local name? We have tons of them here blooming along the side of the road. I really love them! How wide/deep is your frog puddle? I should have mine finished by next weekend!!! Woo-hoo!!

  9. Sweetbay, I could never tire of your ocean of Bidens and all the creatures they attract. Your landscape becomes even more painterly. Beautiful!!

  10. Thank you everyone for your comments!

    Rose the garden is not visible from any road; only visitors and our neighbors to the east (with the horses) can see it.

    Casa Bidens is the genus name. Some of its common names are Bur-Marigold, Beggar Ticks and Tickseed Sunflower. The puddle is about 3' x 2' and only 2-3" deep at most. Quite small! lol

  11. The Bidens and Beautyberries are amazing. What a show!

  12. It is such a treat to see a mass of one particular flower. Te butterflies certainly seem to be happy there are so many yellow flowers. The purple beautyberries are a perfect counter note to the Bidens.

  13. I love your garden !!!
    I am happy to see your amazing plants, butterflies, bees, everything ...
    Thank you, Sweetbay !!!

  14. The Bidens are really beautiful. They remind me of mustard flowers that bloom exuberantly here in spring, but close-up, bidens look much more refined than the simple mustard flowers. You have such lovely butterflies too, unlike any we see here. Thank you for the wonderful pictures, I enjoyed them very much.

  15. I'm going to hunt out a beauty bush and grow it here!

  16. I'm making my pond out of two 70 qt impact resistant muck tubs I bought at a seed n'feed. I'm pretty excited! If my son and I can finish the digging this week, I'm hoping to have it done by next Sunday and can write a Muck Tub Frog Pond post. I even found some water plants on clearance. Happiness and joy!!

  17. The Bidens are gorgeous....
    I love the way they feed the butterflies...
    Native flowers are amazing...

  18. Ale u Ciebie "słonecznie" i motyle fruwają jeszcze. Owoce krzewu Beautyberries maja niesamowity, piękny kolor. Pozdrawiam

  19. I can totally understand why you always want more of them SB. Those are gorgeous swaths of yellow. The insect you didn't know the name of looks like a tachinid fly to me. I have several kinds here but when the Monarch cats showed up, it worried me since they parasitize (sp??) them. The combination of purple beauty berries with the bidens is really lovely.

  20. The photos are incredible. You truly bring the insects and flowers to life. It's been years since I saw Muhly Grass. Thanks for sharing the lovely garden.

  21. such beauty! all those yellow and the purple pf the japanese berry!
    I need so extra time to post ! but Its so nice to visit you:)



  22. Love the american Beautyberry..
    Going on the list for 2012!

    thanks for showing it!

  23. Your Bidens are so full and lush this time of year, I can't imagine anything growing there in the earlier part of the year. I do know that your gardens ALWAYS look wonderful.

  24. Spectacular! Your post demonstrates that where there is room, a multitude is more powerful than the many and completely overwhelms the few! You are blessed to have a setting that so comfortably accommodates your vision.


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