Monday, September 12, 2011

At Twilight

I have been working in the garden, weeding and planting out a lot of young starts. The front porch is a jungle of potted plants, nearly all of which are divisions and seedlings of plants in the garden. There's only enough room for a path to the door and to reach the plants with a hose.

The weather is so, so much nicer than it was a month ago, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way. Still a little hot ~ upper 80's and I'm waiting for 70's so there's no "I'm in an oven" feeling in the middle of the afternoon.

The late afternoon light is fleeting and before you know it it's gone and it's twilight, time for the white flowers and evening bloomers to shine.

Garlic Chives

The Four o'clocks don't open until after six anyway.

Cardinal Flower is blooming in the ditches. This is a wildflower that I don't attempt to
cultivate anymore ~ Cardinal Flower grows wild here and I just let it do its own thing.

I do love the glimpses through the trees of the sun-bathed pastures at the end of the day ~ ours

and the neighbor's.

The Japanese Beetles were gone by August this year and so we have roses again. I think I have the neighbor's guineas to thank for that; there are more than a dozen of them and they cover great distances every day in search of food.

'Pink Pillar'


The longer I have this Knockout the more I appreciate it.
I like the hot pink color of the flowers with the Bidens.

I've been seeing Viceroys around for the last month and obviously the
Monarchs are here too. These cats are munching on Mexican Butterfly Weed.

Next year I'm going to put out more of this milkweed, as well as more parley for the Black Swallowtails. The Black Swallowtail cats really enjoyed the parsley! Now poor DH doesn't have any. lol So next year I'm going to put out rows of it, rather than one plant. It did better than the tomatoes, which were a miserable bust. The Black Swallowtails are gorgeous and I've enjoyed seeing them dancing and twirling about the garden.


  1. I love the angle of the sun this time of year, makes for some wonderful photos as well. Your meadow and your neighbor's meadow are very peaceful looking.
    Would you believe I planted a full large container of flat leaf parsley-- thinking some for me and some for the cats...and had none! I have a great stand of parsley!
    Love the Cardinal Lobelia, have seen some Blue Lobelia here, but no red.

  2. Sweetbay, lovely walk at twilight ... thank you, for the beauty you are sharing ...

  3. Your Four O'clock's are so pretty. I planted a few seeds but have no blooms. At this late date maybe I will never see the blooms. LOL!
    Some gardeners knock Knockout Roses (No pun intended) but I love them for those constant blooms when some of my other roses have given up.
    How wonderful to have wild Cardinal flowers blooming nearby. They are so pretty.

  4. Twilght is a wonderful time and your flowers shine in the evening light. Indigofera and cardinal flower are simply gorgeous. Oh to have something that wonderful that flowers without the gardener's car.

  5. You have captured the indigofea perfectly! I have always been disappointed in my own photos of this beautiful plant. I love the golden light that comes with late afternoon. It really brings out the mystic qualities of your lovely setting.

  6. I planted parsley for the black swallowtails this year and found about 5 cats on it just before the hurricane. Yesterday I spied a gorgeous black swallowtail through the window but it was gone before I could get outside with my camera. I think I'll plant a row of it next season, too.
    Twilight is my favorite time of day at this time of year - and you've captured it beautifully.

  7. Agreed...the cooler weather is such a relief...and I have so much to do before winter hits! I love that huge patch of Four O'Clocks...they must smell amazing! I know what you mean about seems like it comes so fast now...but the light is so much softer and more romantic now :-)

  8. I love the cooler evenings of fall, and your photos show the beauty of this time of day so well. Lucky you to have Cardinal Flower growing wild! Good to see your Bidens in bloom, too. If your DH likes parsley, you might also try planting dill and fennel for the swallowtails--they're the favorites of those catts here.

  9. beautiful twilight photos...what a great location! Imagine having Red Cardinal Flower growing wild in your ditches...bliss. It's always been a fav of mine but never seems to make it through the winter here.

    Must work harder to attract more butterflies. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. What a beautiful post to end my day with. Thanks!! I tried to grow cardinal flower but my garden is just too dry. Swallowtails love rue, too, which is perennial. Our weather has also cooled off and it makes going out in the garden so pleasurable.

  11. Sweetbay,

    Cardinal Flowers you got it right let them grow where they want to. Had to tell them to live here you plant them, I've killed more than my share of them. Parsley why not bronze fennel?

  12. Randy's comment makes sense. Bronze fennel would on every level at your place.

    Those Lobelia produce the best reds.

  13. I am always amazed at the plants that grow wild around you that I put such effort into cultivating, like the cardinal flower. It has taken me a while to get a few established and I am buying more, and there you are with the prettiest wild ones!

  14. The cooler weather really gives you a burst of energy and renewal, doesn't it? Your garden looks great. I've never seen 4 o'clocks that big!

  15. You've captured the essence of Twilight beautifully. Love the peace and calm your images exude. I'm partial to those caterpillars... they've been filling up all my blogging time lately.

  16. your garden is still looking good. I always love the light at the beginning and end of each day. Everything looks softer and sweeter in that light.

  17. I love that soft ligth in your garden.
    the rugosa rose is so simple and lovely.



  18. I envy your views of the pastures. My view is of a busy intersection. As the trucks rumble by the windows sometimes rattle. Your place sounds way more peaceful. I like the delicate wispy appearance of the indigofera. We have a blue version of your cardinal flower that grows here.

  19. Dear Sweetbay, I am so glad for your days being cooler . . . I know what you mean about the 'oven' from my being in Charlotte last year for my son's wedding. Whew! Now you will have a long fall and can enjoy all the wonders of your paradise sans the horrid heat. Lovely photos of your garden. What an image you conjure up with your description of your porch. What happy cats you have there and I imagine you may be seeing some of the Monarchs now floating about in my gardens soon . . . as they fly south. Everything looks so peaceful and green dotted by the vibrant colors of your garden blooms. Lovely!

  20. Your flowering bushes beautifully compliments the green background. They make the area more inviting and idyllic to the horizon of the horses. We also have those 4 o'clocks here in the tropics.

  21. I love reading about your garden, it seems to be such a wonderful place, with a gentle light, lots of green and a wide variety of wildflowers. Thank you for the update and the lovely pictures.

  22. There's that captivating lane again! Lovely light that time of day SB. I need to do some serious work in the garden and haven't been around much. At least you're getting things accomplished ~ I don't have as much to show for my time away from the blog.
    I plan to plant some parsley next year too since I've seen a Black Swallowtail two years in a row now. I do have plenty of bronze fennel out front but no sign of a caterpillar yet from what I thought was a egg laying moment. I would do anything to encourage more of them in the garden.
    Glad your JB are gone. ugh. Another good reason to have chickens! :-)
    It looks beautiful there ~ hope it cools down more for you. We are having 60 & 70 degree days now & all I can think of is "frost around the corner." boo hoo

  23. p.s. I have managed to overwinter Cardinal flower for a couple years now by planting it next to the pond. The soil stays moist there because of the overflow & then the terraced wall is right behind providing warmth. Finally ~ a perfect location for something!

  24. Nice to see the swallowtails and their catepillars doing so well in your garden. Love the hot pink and yellow.


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