Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer is here!

Whatever the calendar date, summer has arrived (with an
exclamation point), although the garden still looks like spring.

The bees are really enjoying the foxgloves this year, as they have lasted forever.

I don't know the name of the blue-violet Geranium or if it even came with a tag, but in
any case it's a good one. The pink flower is Ozark phlox and the purple Penstemon 'Midnight'.

I don't think the spiderworts have ever performed as well as they have this year. They have been a sea of white, pink, blue and purple. However, we're in the middle of a hot spell and things are going to dry up fast. The last two days have been 97+ degrees. Hot would be an understatement. Time for the early summer flowers to take over. The daylilies have begun to bloom

as well as the Oakleaf Hydrangea. For such a big
strong plant Oakleaf Hydrangea has a very lacy appearance.

I love how it looks with Penstemon 'Midnight'.

The birds are really enjoying the water hollow in the paddock out back. I keep it filled and many kinds of birds have visited it: Brown-Headed Cowbirds, Grackles, Mockingbirds, Blue Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings, Cardinals (who are currently feeding young in a nest in 'Sir Thomas Lipton'), Chipping Sparrows, Bluebirds, flocks of Goldfinches... The Chipping Sparrows really go to town bathing. Gene told me one evening he heard all of this splashing and thought a big bird was taking a bath, but it was just a tiny little Chipping Sparrow.


  1. Love love love your foxgloves! I can't seem to grow them worth beans.
    Your spiderwort looks so happy!
    You have all my fav colors ♥

  2. Your foxgloves are so pretty, as are your penstemons. The Oakleaf hydrangea is really nice too.

    Wow, your weather is much hotter than ours. It is 84 and we have a nice breeze making it feel like 83. We are still in drought conditions though. Rain is predicted next week, but we'll just have to wait to see if that pans out.

    Enjoy all that beauty surrounding you.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Wow - what an amazing garden you shared today at Cottage Flora Thursday's. i especially love that oakleaf hydrangea! xoxo, tracie

  4. Looking forward to some more seasonal weather. As I write, the weather radio is going off, maybe some rain??
    Your collection of Foxgloves is just wonderful, I look forward to having more in my garden.

  5. It's hot here too! Your foxgloves must get the best spring staying power for a perennial in this heat.

  6. Your purple and blue bed with foxgloves and geraniums is wonderful, I love the gentle colors. I have tried foxgloves here, but it is either too dry (or hot?) or too shady, and mine are never as gorgeous as yours... It is amazing for me to see a whole meadow of tradescantia, I love the look of the plant but don't have a good place to grow it... Oak leaf hydrangea is my favorite, does yours turn color in the fall?

  7. I love the big old fashioned elegance and stateliness of tall foxgloves and hydrangeas blooming!

  8. Your foxgloves are beautiful! It has been the coolest spring here for a long time.


  9. I'm not surprised that so many birds flock to your gardens. You have so much variety there. Great photos of the plants. I really like the old-fashioned stone of your chimney.

  10. Sweetbay, your garden is so beautiful, and especially love that first photo. Love P. 'Midnight' but lost ours this past year and for what reason, I don't know.

    I can't believe how hot it is for you; currently 54 here and still raining, BUT tomorrow is supposed to hit 70! never thought we'd see that day. Enjoy the weekend and the bees.

  11. It has been hot, hasn't it? I waited until after six this evening to go out and mow. I didn't think I could stand it earlier in the day. Your blooms are beautiful as usual. Stay cool! Carla

  12. Sweetbay,
    Our spiderworts are doing great too, we have a new mini white one. Loved the Oakleaf Hydrangea awesome!

  13. Your colours and textures look fabulous - happy & healthy too! They say Summer is going to arrive here too shortly, I hope so...

  14. Your foxgloves are just so pretty. There are lots of great photos here and in the previous post. Enjoy the weekend!

  15. As allways, your photos are so beautiful! Foxgloves...penstemons...geraniums...I love all the plants I see in your garden !

  16. Ww, your foxglove are gorgeous! And I love the loose, flowy setting they're in!

  17. I really like the pink, blue, purple and white colour scheme of your garden bed with fox gloves. It is a very sweet combination. Plus your stone fireplace wall makes a terrific backdrop to the flowers.

    The oakleaf hydrangea flowers look great with the deep colour of the penstemon blooms.

    We are in no danger of overheating here, yet. It is the middle of the afternoon, and today it is only 48 F. My tropical annuals are sulking a bit.

  18. Hi Sweetbay, I am such a fan of foxgloves. Your collection is wonderful and the colours blend so nicely. The cool colours seem to beckon. I think if I lived in a warm climate I would probably plant all cool colours (which I tend to do anyway) :)

  19. I'm so happy to see you still have some of the purple penstemon ~ all of mine has died out now. Hope you're doing well and if you get any rain please send it this way! :)

  20. Hi sweetbay,
    Your garden looks beautiful! The foxgloves are so delicate and tha oakleaf hidangea is a treasure! Here I cant find it anywhere..
    I think Im gonna buy seeds and wish for good luck.
    Summer looks great on your garden :)



  21. SB ~ you have the most beautiful display of foxgloves I've seen. I've always wished for them in abundance like you have but I struggle to even have one plant perform well. It looks just heavenly.
    Also you oakleaf hydrangea is gorgeous. I think I better move mine. It does not seem to be happy AT ALL.
    Hope the temperatures drop so the display can be prolonged even more. It's too pretty to lose.


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