Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's a parade

of daylilies, stars of the June garden.

I believe this one to be 'Meriam White', as lovely in daylight

as it is as dusk, when it takes on a luminescent quality.

'Pandora's Box'

'Beautiful Edgings'

'Siloam David Kirchhoff'

'Jedi Blue Note'

Sun faded but still lovely

Love this noid

'Bleu Celeste', which of course isn't sky blue at all, with commuter daylilies.

Also still lovely when faded.

Also love this noid, so graceful, and fragrant too

Mokan Butterfly/ Mask of Eternity seedling

Another mystery daylily, with a beautiful rich pink color.

Screech of needle on record ~ wait, what is this doing here? I love the rich warm colors but
they don't go with the delicate pastels that have gone before, not the creams and cool pinks
and plum and raspberry tones. I planted Rudbeckia seedlings last year and then forgot about them.

Adding some 'Chocolate Splash' and 'Buttered Popcorn' will make everybody happy. Sounds delicious doesn't it? Unfortunately deer are finding my daylilies to be delicious too. I can't believe this hasn't happened before, whether I'm surrounded by undeveloped floodplain and hunters or not. I have been mixing a solution of water and peppermint extract (approx 1 fluid ounce of extract to 3 cups of water) to spray on the daylilies and that has helped.

I am planning to move 'Sparkling Orange', 'Spellbinder', and 'Paper Butterfly' to the "warm" spot in the garden as well.

I think the culprit eating the daylilies is a doe with a fawn stashed near the garden. Funny thing is there was a buck with a broken leg who practically lived in the garden for a year and he didn't eat anything. He knocked over a young Hansa polishing his antlers but that was it. The Hansa survived. Ah well these things happen. Can't expect to plant daylilies and never have any eaten by deer.

Unfortunately during the storm last weekend the horses got out and the pony sprained her ankle. We think lightening struck the rods on the shelter, or a tree behind the shelter; nothing else would cause them to run through the fence in a blind panic like that. btw you DON'T want a fence a horse can't run through, as they can get caught in it and fatally injured. The flight instinct of a horse is very strong. Their getting out had nothing to do with our earlier fence problems either. We replaced 80 fence posts last year, and I've been checking them every 6 months. They chested the boards, which are hot-wired, but a hot fence will not deter a panicked horse.

The pony doesn't have any swelling, so the problem is likely one of the ligament that support the ankle. The reason this injury doesn't usually manifest in swelling (unless it's severe), is that those supporting ligaments are overlaid by the deep and superficial flexor tendons and the suspensory ligament in back and the extensor tendon in front. The vet was out last week and prescribed paddock rest, sweating the leg at night, and two doses of Adequan a week apart. So the horses are up here in the paddock behind the house keeping me company.


  1. I remember your beautiful daylilies from last year Sweet Bay. You have such a nice array of them. I love the unknown pink one. Gorgeous color!!
    Glad your horses weren't too hurt but hope your pony heals quickly. I can only imagine how scary a storm is for them. Sounds like you will be busy checking and caring for them. Take care!

  2. Glad to hear your pony is okay. And, how nice is that that they can keep you company. I'm of the same mindset and I think it scares non-horsey people. But, when my little mare hits panic mode I just step aside. I'd probably get hurt if I didn't just leave her to her own devices be that running through a fence or what not.

    Oh, I loved your photos, too, but there's no shutting me up once we start talkin' horses! :D

  3. Sorry about your pony. I don't know much about horses but did learn from my neighbor they can get out easily and you don't want them to get stuck in the fence. Poor things to get so frightened. Your daylilies are gorgeous. Durned deer! I hope you chase the doe away or she'll soon be bringing friends to enjoy the beautiful smorgsabord!

  4. What gorgeous daylilies you have! Just one more reason why I love your gardens.

    Glad your pony wasn't hurt any worse that it was.

    Happy Summer to you ~ FlowerLady

  5. Sweet bay, Those Lillys are wonderful! I didnt know that many colours and shapes, I loved "pandoras box".
    Im so sorry about your pony :( I hope he get well soon.

    kisses from the winter.


  6. Beautiful parade of blooms Sweetbay! Sorry about your pony! Sounds scary! I am sure Prince will be a comfort to have closer to the house too. Good luck with the mending.

  7. Beautiful, romantic daylilies... I like all of them . I must plant daylilies !

  8. They're all beautiful colours, but I like the plum and maroons best.

    The light looks nigh on perfect for that photo of bleu celeste with commuter lillies.

    Good news that your pony hasn't received too severe an injury.

  9. SweetBay,
    These are all very lovely day lilies, could not pick a fav. The deep red ones draw the most attention for me. Was at the library today and they had a vase of flowers with lots of different day lilies. I asked the guy who brought them if he could name them. He proceeded to tell me which were day lilies and the names of the other flowers, guess we were not on the same wave length.

  10. I hope the pony's leg problem resolves soon. The exact cause of lameness can be hard to diagnose sometimes.
    Your day lilies are beautiful!

  11. Hope the pony is doing better, poor thing. And it's probably a good thing I don't live nearby otherwise I'd be begging for some divisions of your lovely daylilies. Love those soft pastel colors.

  12. What lovely daylilies you have! I was admiring all the native plants in an earlier post and your species roses. That's a great habitat you are providing for the bees et al. Hope your pony gets well quick!

  13. How great that you know the names of the daylilies... I have lost track of each one that I have, and I keep wondering what I am actually growing. I do love to see what comes up and blooms each year! The last part about the flight instinct of horses was fascinating.

  14. Beautiful day lilies. Hope your pony gets better. You are so right about the fence. Once a horse is spooked it will do anything to get away. Carla

  15. Glad to hear there is another spray that does not smell like garlic and rotten eggs. I hope your pony gets better soon.

  16. I do love a parade, and yours is spectacular, Sweetbay! I'm waiting for the parade to start here soon, too, but I do have a couple early entrants.

    So glad your pony is okay!

  17. A horticulturalist once told me that daylilies are useless plants because they don't support wildlife. I have a big yellow one in my front garden, however, that is a favorite of the skippers. Daylilies make me happy and that's enough function for me! I have so many other pollinator-friendly plants that planting flowers just for me is a nice balance. Your lilies look wonderful!

    What are commuter daylilies?

  18. I am sorry to hear about the pony with the sprained ankle, but glad to hear it is not more serious. I always admire your collection of daylilies and this parade of blooms is no different. I didn't have money to order any new daylilies for this year. Hopefully I will next year. I must try to remember to order a few white ones like your opener. It is so pretty and a nice change from the pinks and yellows.

  19. Casa Mariposa ~ the commuter daylilies are H. citrina, a tall fragrant species that often opens at dusk.

    Nocturnal moths can pollinate daylilies, and there are insects visiting my daylilies all of the time. And of course deer like to eat them ~ ha.

  20. I love your daylilies, I can't belive how many you have... I enjoyed looking through the pictures a lot. I am sorry about the pony (I have injured my foot too recently...), I hope he gets well soon.

  21. You are making a daylily fan out of me! I hope the deer don't become a bigger problem. As always, I love your garden and your photographic portrayal of it. Also, i'm sorry the pony is hurt and hope for a full recovery.

  22. Oh so many beauties. I think if I could only have one of them it would be the 'Gentle Shepherd' - so sweet and pretty!

    Hope your pony is better soon. :)

  23. You have some very beautiful daylilies! They look so nice mixed in with other perennials.


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