Friday, March 11, 2011

Blooming Friday ~ Feeling Blue

It seems odd to me that the color blue is associated with sadness, when a sunny day with blue skies is generally considered "gorgeous" and lifts people's spirits. Blue and its cousin purple are great mediators in the garden, making almost any color combination go together.

All of the following pictures were taken in April and May of '08, '09, and '10. Spring is not that far advanced here yet ~ but just give it 2-4 weeks! ;)

"Eva's blue-violet" iris
(Eva was my husband's grandmother's name.)

Iris virginica

Iris from my garden

An iris with forget-me-nots in the background, from the Twin Sisters' garden in Chapel Hill.

Seedlings of the spiderwort 'Zwanenburg Blue' that I transplanted next to our front sidewalk.
None has the vivid gentian violet of the parent but I like the soft shades of blue to lavender.
The sky blue flowers in the background are that of woodland phlox (Phlox divaricata).

'Zwanenburg Blue', a pink passalong, and children.

Catmint does well in the dry beds around the house.

A skullcap that grows wild on our farm and definitely deserves a place in the garden. It forms pools of lavender-blue in ditches and next to the woods in spring.

Amsonia tabernaemontana grows wild here as well. It's one of the truest blues I have in the garden.

This flower is very near and dear to my heart ~ Virginia Bluebells. Could anything be lovelier?
We used to see huge clumps of these growing wild in the parks we hived when we lived in western
PA (Enlow Fork being one of them). The color in the photo is not enhanced at all.

This Virginia Bluebell, photographed at Niche Gardens in Chapel Hill, is a softer color, but equally lovely!

Woodland Phlox

and Jacob's Ladder next to the sidewalk of our house.

Woodland phlox along the east side of the house. The Virginia Bluebells are in the background.

The pale blue phox is 'Clouds of Perfume', the medium blue-violet is 'London Grove Blue', and the darker purple violet is 'Louisiana'.

To finish, apple tree blossoms and blue sky

Happy Friday and thank you to Katarina at roses and stuff for hosting Blooming Friday.


  1. Damn those photos almost knocked me out! The colors are staggering and one of my faves. I love amsonia and I am so anxious to see it emerge soon. Great post as always!

  2. You have so many beautiful blue flowers! I love all your irises, and woodland phlox. I haven't seen Virginia Bluebells before, so lovely.

  3. I love the natural look of your gardens are lawn. Soon, very soon you will have rows and rows of beautiful blue flowers.

  4. A lot of beautiful blue flower. But I think I prefer the last photo with apple-flowers. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Beautiful pictures. It is odd that "the blues" is used to indicate sadness. The colour must have some other mysterious significance.
    Lets hope there is no shortage of blue skies this summer!

  6. I'm find that odd, as well. I love blue flowers in the garden - they always bring a big smile to my face! Gorgeous blues, Sweetbay.

  7. I love, love, love blue flowers! The Virginia Bluebell is one of my favorites. Carson sings a song called Virginia Bluebell by Miranda Lambert. The songs is beautiful, like the flower. I can't wait to see spring through your lens! Carla

  8. Sweetbay, They're all lovely...and every time I see your iris, I dream about having a sunny garden! gail

  9. I have been thinking about Virginia Bluebells for a while now, knowing it is time for them to start showing their colors. I MUST get some for my garden. Such a sweet little flower.

  10. I'm glad you noted these pictures were from previous years, not this spring (yet), otherwise I might have simply killed myself thinking your spring was so far ahead! My favorite in all your pretty blue photos is the wild amsonia. I love those clear star like flowers.

  11. I love the first comment by Ong "damn those photos" haha. They are really enchanting and to have all those blues in a garden will really make my life truly fulfilled. My disappointment is that we dont have many blue flowers in the tropics, although we have beatiful blue Vanda (in my 2nd to the last post).

  12. I do agree, I can't say that your photoes brought me sadness, rather the opposite :)

  13. Ooooh i like blue and the blue flowers are so beutiful. I can't file any sadness in the blue color :) /Suss

  14. Blue is my favorite color, Sweetbay, so these beautiful photos are even more appealing to me. I think blue is so soothing--how could you not look at these lovely blooms and not feel happy? Seeing your amsonia makes me excited--I'm hoping my first-year plant will bloom this spring.

  15. You bring up such a good point sweetbay! I had never thought of how the word or color blue came to be used in the way it is. Blue is such a beautiful color . . . a cool color but so lovely especially in the garden and sky! Now you have me really wondering. You also share some of my favorite blue flowers in this lovely post. I love the Virginia Bluebells from the minute they begin to form and show there lovely blue and lavender colors. Your portrait is just stunning and with the dotted blues in the background . . . lovely!! All of your images are beautiful and such welcome blues to this northern gardener looking out on white.

  16. Blue can be soothing, peaceful, or soul-deep, but to me it's not a sad color. Lovely photos!

  17. Ah, no..there's nothing sad about blue. It's soothingly beautiful, and blue sky, as you say, is glorious, especially with apple blossoms against it.
    I want to add Amsonia and Phlox divaricata to my garden. They're both so lovely. All your blues are! I haven't found a good spot for spiderwort yet where it doesn't take over. It looks so natural and pretty in your garden.
    I can see why you find V. Bluebells so endearing. They're lovely with that soft blue and a touch of pink.
    And your blue irises are absolutely stunning. I need to add more of those too!
    Beautiful post!

  18. Wow, how on earth did I miss this fantastic post. I'm in awe of all those wonderful blues growing in your gardens. I really loved that white spiderwort too. I've never seen the colors of spiderwort that you have. Mine is a purple/blue.

    Thank you for sharing all this beauty with us.



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