Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cl. Caldwell Pink

When I planted "Crepescule' next to the trellis I was warned that it might eat the trellis. Apparently there are two forms of 'Crepescule' in the trade: a rampant one and a much more demure one. I don't know if one is own root or if they are actually two different roses. My 'Crepescule' was so retiring that it retired from life. As it was dwindling I acquired the polyantha 'Cl. Caldwell Pink'. I can't remember whether I bought it or acquired it in a trade, but I already had the shrub form of 'Caldwell Pink' and really liked it, despite its lack of fragrance. Its flowers (candy pink to lilac pink, depending on the lighting) look just like miniature old fashioned roses and it's a real workhorse, producing blooms over a very long period of time.

Cl Caldwell pink and Delia's Purple

So I planted 'Cl Caldwell Pink' next to the trellis and it seemed really happy there.

'Cl. Caldwell Pink' on the left, the tea rose 'Aloha' in the center, and
the swamp rose hybrids from Antique Roses Emporium in the background, 2014

It grew


and grew


The climbing and shrub forms of 'Caldwell Pink' and swamp roses, 2016

and grew.


All of those roses draping down on the right side of the trellis are from the climber, not
the shrub. 'Cl. Caldwell Pink' has gotten absolutely huge. Far too large for this flimsy trellis.

The weight of the canes has pulled the trellis sideways now. Gene tried to straighten it up but to no avail. There are a couple of options. 1) Gene cuts up the trellis with a hacksaw in order to save the canes (which I unwisely intertwined with the trellis)and builds a sturdier structure. 2) I let the rose bloom next spring (even though it looks like a mess), then cut it back and move it next to the rose fence with the other rampant climbers. My bet is on the second option but we'll see.

January 18, 2018

Moral of this story: 'Cl. Caldwell Pink' gets really, really big. Don't plant it next to an arbor from Lowe's. And if you do, don't wind the canes through it.


I am in the market for a new digital camera. My Pentax K10 is over 10 years old. It still works, but I don't think it works as well as it used to. Part of the difficulty is my eyes. I start needing readers about 5 years ago. My $200 eyeglasses (what a waste of money) don't work any better than my plastic readers off Amazon, and I have difficulty getting the focus just right. But I also wonder if something is going on with the shutter. So many of my pictures are turning out overexposed, no matter what settings I use.

So, I am looking for suggestions for a new camera, especially for someone whose eyes aren't as good as they used to be. If you have any I am all ears!


  1. I did not even know there was a Climbing Caldwell Pink - it is stunning. I am trying "Cornelia" for the first time and I have it on a similar arbor. We will see what happens. I have always used Nikon cameras and love them. I think these days almost any are apt to have better than average quality. I drive myself crazy though looking at reviews when I am in the market for a new one. I have always found this site helpful -

  2. The rose is gorgeous and well worth enjoying, and moving. I've no expertise when it comes to cameras. I have a small Canon PowerShot, which easily slips into a purse and which I carry when I don't want to be weighed down, and a Nikon D3400. I use the latter for most of my photos now but I still haven't learned all there's to know about using it...

  3. Yes, that rose did grow and grow! It's a beauty, and I'm sure whatever you decide will work for it and for you. I love the idea of a climbing rose on a trellis. Re: the camera...this is a timely post for me because I, too, am searching for a new camera. I have a Canon EOS Rebel DSLR, which I love, but I also like to have a bridge camera. They're lighter and easier to hike/travel with. My "go to" camera for many years was my Olympus SP-610Uz, but it's hanging on by a thread and it's time for a new bridge. I'm thinking of going with one of the Canon PowerShots, but I haven't decided yet. Thanks for posing the question, so I can see what others say. :)

  4. Your climbing Caldwell Pink rose looks very beautiful! I am sorry to hear that the trellis can´t put the rose up any more. I have a similar problem, this year we head some storms and my rose arch fell over. Fortunately, it didn´t get destroyed, but I have to find a way to secure it properly as since the fall it hasn´t been very stable any more.
    Best wishes,

  5. Gorgeous rose ! Whatever you will do, don't lose here.

  6. Oh my goodness, I love your climbing Caldwell. I had a Caldwell Pink for years, then it croaked. It was the bush type.

    My camera is a Canon PowerShot A650 IS. I've been very happy with it, but it seems to be acting a little weird lately. I've had it for years and years. I hope you find the right camera for your needs. Let us know what you end up getting.

    Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

  7. Your Caldwell Pink rose is beautiful and your garden looks just as pretty in snow. I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL1, which I love for serious photo taking and a Canon PowerShot G7X for lighter days. I am very happy with them both. Enjoy your week!

  8. I have always wanted a rose that would go crazy. I have only received the go part. I don't think I have enough sun plus my soil must be incompatible. I just drool when seeing all of your roses.
    I will be anxious to read the responses to your question about cameras. I am looking for a new camera to use in the garden. I have a decent camera for birding. It takes wide angle shots and will zoom way out. I don't know much about settings so I know I don't need an expensive one that you have to diddle with. I used to have a power shot Canon that worked well and when it went kaput I looked ofr a new one and they stopped making the one I had.

  9. I am swooning over your roses! If only I had more sun...I love exuberant displays, and your roses swamping the trellis is my idea of the perfect romantic garden. When my cheap metal arch by the patio fell apart, we invested in a solid iron structure fabricated by a local ironworks company. It was actually less expensive than many I saw online. The jasmine that grows over it now is well supported, and that arch will be there long after I am gone.

  10. Judy likes her Nikon. Her only advice is find a new digital camera you like and buy it. Digital technology improves so fast that new cameras are worth the investment. As for your Cl. Caldwell Pink, I have the feeling I'm about to learn the same lessor regarding 'Darlow's Enigma' and the cheap arbor we have at the entrance to our back garden.

  11. I have no camera advice but I do love that rose! My Peggy Martin rose is very comparable. I love its exuberance. :o)


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