Sunday, May 21, 2017

The May Garden

'Veilchenblau' and rugosas in the vegetable garden

Swamp rose and 'Veilchenblau'


Small beardtongue, Carolina Bush Pea and pink primrose

Small beardtongue

Smooth beardtongue and foxglove


Swamp roses


  1. Very beautiful! Amazing roses!

  2. You have foxgloves flowering already! Here everything is so late. Thanks for sharing your photos of them, one of my favorite flowers, but mine are nowhere near blooming yet.

  3. I am never disappointed, and always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful flowers!!!!

    Happy Gardening to you, I have missed your wonderful posts ~ FlowerLady

  4. We have at least a couple plants in common - foxgloves and pink evening primrose. I wish I could grow roses en masse as you do!

  5. Wow what a beautiful vieuws out of your garden. I wish I had the space to have your beautiful roses.
    The many Digitalis are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Dear Sweetbay,
    these are very beautiful pictures! I especially like your foxgloves. I love how your garden is surrounded by beautiful woods.
    Best wishes,

  7. I love the blossoming garden and the foxgloves growing proudly. Your May Garden looks stunning!

  8. Wow, your spring garden is full of blooms! Lots of pinks and purple. Those seem to be my go to colors for spring too. And then I transition to oranges and yellow in summer. Funny how that happens. Happy gardening!


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