Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sisters' Garden on a sunny day part II

A continuation of our visit to the garden of the twin sisters Bernice Wade and Barbara Stiles in Chapel Hill, NC in April.

I loved this combination of dark purple, white and red tulips.

Windflower (Anemone coronaria)

The sisters have such a variety of tulips in their garden. The tulips are pulled up after
blooming and new ones are planted each fall. I loved loved loved these lavender fringed tulips

and this combination of lavender, dark purple and white tulips. The sisters are all about
the flow of color (they've said it themselves), and it's certainly reflected in their garden.

Heartleaf Brunnera

and woodland phlox have been planted all over the garden.

The garden is filled with cottage style flowers in addition to the star azaleas and tulips.

Looking across the front yard

These tulips remind me of Iceland poppies.

Looking toward the side yard, which is filled with azaleas in various shades of pink.

There were even some late daffodils.

The backyard is an open place filled with woodland phlox
and azaleas and lightly shaded by dogwoods and one large tree.

Phlox stolonifera

To be continued...


  1. Beautiful photographs, I love the azaleas. April is a colorful month in the garden. I think it is the most colorful month of the year in my garden.

  2. Amazing colours!!!! The plants look so different when bathed in the sunlight.

  3. So beautiful, a riot of springcolours, I´m looking forward to April to see the azaleas and tulips flowering again. This was a wonderful springarden.

  4. Oh wow - how beautiful is that garden. I can't wait for all my bulbs to begin their annual spring show.

  5. All that spring color is divine! I just can't get over how full and lush all the plants look. I adore azaleas and dogwoods and they are spectacular in this garden. When did you visit? It looks like you were there at peak time.

    1. We were there in very early April. Easter weekend is a very big deal in the sisters' garden (lots of little kids in the Easter best go there).

  6. As sweet as a basket of Easter candy! I love the interweaving of the azaleas, tulips, and woodland phlox. After seeing this post, I plan to plant much more woodland phlox in my garden.

  7. Those red Anemone - wow! Plus, I love the Brunnera with the yellow pansies.

  8. A flow of color - that's what I've always wanted in my own garden but I'm no where near close to what the sisters achieved. Thanks for sharing your visit!

  9. I am delighted with garden and views of it. I have surely seen dreamed of a beautiful colorful spring with us. Regards.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I was going to ask you if this was current, but then I noticed it was from last April. Definitely a great advertisement for Chapel Hill in mid-spring! Oh what a glorious season is spring! Thanks for sharing these highlights from your visits.


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