Monday, January 12, 2015

Rain, strawberry leaves and roses

I keep expecting Noah's ark to float by, and I'm only half kidding when I say that.

The neighbor's pond always overflows after a heavy rain, but there isn't usually water standing in the fields beyond the neighbor's pasture as well.

Today water poured off the neighbor's pasture in streams

and there was water standing in the back yard.

As expected, the Prunus mume flowers and half open buds got zapped by last week's cold. I can't tell yet if the rest of the buds are OK. The witch hazel came through with flying colors. On Friday I thought the shriveled flowers were dead, but then they unfurled and look just as they did before the deep freeze.

Before the cold the strawberries and roses were still full of color.


In May

'Sir Thomas Lipton'

'Basyes Blueberry'

Carolina rose

with Carolina bush pea and rugosas.

Swamp rose (sold as Rosa palustris scandens by Antique Roses Emporium)

Prairie rose (Rosa setigera)

In June


  1. You toy with us, posting pictures of May.

  2. I think the ark just passed by here. I'd like to save some of this rain for the summer. Delightful to see the sunny skies, colorful foliage and beautiful roses you shown today.

  3. Even though we finally got some rain again ourselves, I'm sorry you can't funnel your excess to us. I hope your skies clear for awhile!

  4. Hello Sweetbay. It's great to see your roses in May when the weather is very wet at the moment, also overhere. I wish we would have a little bit of wintery weather but we don't. Strange temperatures with lots of rain and one after they other storm is coming in. But as your photo's of May tell, there will be other vieuws we can enjoy.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Beautiful! This makes me want to buy 'more' roses. They sure are addicting. I need to root cuttings of what I have because roses are not cheap. :-)

    We could use some rain, keep having it predicted, but have only been getting bare sprinkles.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  6. Marvellous roses !!! And those strawberry leaves are looking so nice in the sun :)

  7. Wow you have lots of standing water. I feel the same way...we've had so much rain here for three straight days I think we are going to float away. Farmer's Almanac said we would have a wet / cold winter. They were right! I love the strawberry leaves in the winter. Very festive looking!

  8. I had no idea strawberries were so colorful in the fall--lovely! I hope the rain has ended for you. We live in a low-lying area, and I always dread the heavy rains--usually in spring, though--because too often my basement floods or I lose plants to the soggy mess. Looking forward to seeing all these masses of blooms again very soon!

    1. Ugh. Rose I am sorry to hear about your basement. That must be such a pain to deal with.

      In eastern NC the water table is so high that very few people have basements.

  9. I love wet winters because they bring me beautiful spring gardens but you have A LOT of water! Did you need a canoe to take these pics? I keep hoping for a big snowstorm but so far - nada, zip, zilch except for a few slushy inches. Love the pic of the bee headed for all that pollen. :o)

  10. We have had so much dreary rain here, too. Today the sun was out, and I thought I would take a walk outside to enjoy it, along with temps up into the 50s. Brrrr….I got hit with winds that zapped the joy out of that idea, and I quickly returned to the house. I hope spring comes early this year!

  11. Your pictures bring home the big contrast of season. We had rain here last week which is unusual for January. Nothing like the rain you've had though!


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