Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Starting Small

Spring is such a beautiful and exciting time, a gardener wants to see and experience and photograph ALL THE THINGS.

Maybe it's best to start small, at ground level.

I love the color of lamium and clover in the spring. By the end of the week it'll probably be time to
mow. The lamium will be starting to go to go to seed and the bees will have moved onto other things.

Mazus has lovely funny little lavender flowers and is a water
lover. The path between the beds gets the runoff from the house.

No mowing until the Mazus is done. I may have to weed by hand, but
it's not much grass and worth it to see the Mazus as long as possible.

The blue violets have actually done what I hoped and spead to
form a carpet under the roses and mockorange and beautyberries.

Tommy "helping" me clear out the deadwood.


  1. Photograph ALL THE THINGS -- so funny. That's me to a T. Tommy is adorable, and his orange coat makes a perfect counterpoint to the blue flowers.

  2. This is so lovely. Your blue violets are really showy. The mazus is something new to me, but will check it out--always nice to have ground covers. susie

  3. I'm sure Tommy was supervising - or offering moral support - something like that. I love the masses of blue with the touch of yellow. How nice to have so much Lamium it can be mowed.

  4. I have white violets and only a few. They seem to seed themselves in dry spots that keep them miserable all summer. It does seem like spring is starting to explode around us. Love love love that carpet of blue violets. :o)

  5. Hi Sweetbay, I love all the little blue flowering plants that you have in your garden, especially the blue violets. I think they look magical! I have been wanting to plant violets forever, but somehow again missed them in the nurseries :-(. I don't even know if they would grow in my climate, but at least I have to try it out. Note to the gardener, next time you are in the nursery at least ask for them! Have a good week!

  6. Tommy is so handsome! He looks like a very good helper. ;-) Interesting, I would never think to mow the Lamium. Mine goes to seed and flowers and reflowers all summer. Although it doesn't seem to spread too far. Love it!

  7. Tommy looks so much like my Tarzan, who is often my garden helper, too. I often think all these tiny blossoms would get lost and go unnoticed in the summer, but in spring they are such a welcome sight! Love the blue of the Mazus.

  8. Your little feline "helper" looks a bit too laid back. Tommy seems to know how to get the best out of pleasant spring days. It is wonderful to see such a pretty carpet of blue flowers.

  9. I love the light in your pictures, so lovely with the delicate flowers.


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