Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The golden month of September

September is the month for Bidens aristosa here! Whole swaths of the garden and areas around the garden are covered in yellow and gold for a good 4 weeks. The pollinators, especially the little furry black and yellow bumble bees, love Bidens. Walking outside sounds like walking into a giant hive.

My old 2002 Dell finally died, or more accurately, I finally put it out of my misery. It crashed, and then I couldn't restore it due to the fact that Windows XP is now obsolete and it's no longer possible to download the patches that make it operational. I've been nursing the old computer along for years, supplementing its paltry memory stores with an external hard drive, but its slowness and tics have long been a source of frustration. It would have been fun to send it crashing somewhere, but I had to settle for setting it down carefully in the recycle bin at the dump. At least I got to take a hammer to the hard drive.

What a difference a couple of weeks makes. View from the from front porch Sept. 4th

and September 16th. This year was a good one for Bidens, with all of the rain. I still want to get more going by the woods, but to do that I need to lay down compost, then seed, and then not mow the area, even if it looks like hell in June and July. And still, I may have to wait another year, if the compost isn't broken down sufficiently, or if there's a drought so that the seeds don't germinate.

For all that Bidens is so vigorous, sometimes I have trouble getting it established. Back in '99 the bed pictured below by the fork in the drive had a beautiful stand of Bidens. I even have a picture of it with the flowers reflected in the flood waters from Hurricane Floyd. Then I decided that I wanted to add "variety" and mulched out the Bidens seeds. Major fail. I even had the pine tree cut down that was sucking the life out of the bed but nada. Some places are just the equivalent of the Gardening Bermuda Triangle. One year (and another garden blogger was even a witness to this), all I had was a big ugly stand of overgrown Bermudagrass to show for my efforts and subsequent giving up. Then, FINALLY, last year, the bed was full of Bidens again. Only took 12 years. Here it is this year, in the background, on Sept. 7th:

A week later.

In front of the big bed, Sept. 7th

and a week later.

There's a pretty good crop of Bidens in the wide strip that runs around the back of the house paddock and west of the house, although not as many as 2-3 years ago when the area was paved with them. Almost blinding aren't they? Makes me glad I planted so many beautyberries after all, most of them American, as the rich purple really complements the bright yellow of the Bidens. I planted groupings of them next to the drive and in spring was wondering why I did that as I was chopping off 5 foot lengths that were leaning over into the driveway. Now I remember there actually was a reason.

Lots of Bidens beside the driveway this year, and in the small field at the very top.

I put out this seed two years ago and almost none of it germinated until this year. Better late than never!

At the top looking down. Finally, in September, I have as many flowers as I want. ;)

September always reminds me of one of my favorite songs as
it was sung by Eva Cassidy (a cover of a song written by Sting).

Fields of Gold


  1. I love your golden autumn :) Thank you, Sweetbay !!!

  2. This expanse of yellow flowers is beautiful.
    I did not know aristosa bidens, in the autumn blooms a plant here by me
    Similarly, the Jerusalem artichoke or Helianthus tuberosus.
    Beautiful natural garden.
    Ciao from Italy.

  3. So beautiful these fields of gold. What a great place to live, far from the madding crowd.

  4. Wow! That is so impressive! I love all the yellows of fall. I am encouraged that you grew all these from seed. I want to try seeding an area with pollinator plants and hope I have the same success as you!

  5. Dear Alicia ~ So good to see you back again. I really missed you and your beautiful, peaceful bit of paradise.

    I always love seeing your bidens, they do my heart good and make my soul sing with joy.

    Thank you for all of your hard work in creating the beauty that surrounds you there.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. A lovely song by Eva Cassidy.

  6. So happy to see you back, Sweetbay--I always look forward to seeing your Bidens in the fall! They've outdone themselves this year--what a magnificent display! I've always loved this song, too, and it's perfect for your fall garden.

  7. I remember seeing these big stands of happy yellow in your posts last year, and they are certainly stunning this year. What a glorious fall plant, and you have the room for them to shine.

  8. Sweetbay, The bidens here this year was a disappointment. Glad yours was excellent.

  9. Just lovely. So those lovely roadside wildflowers I see every September are Bidens? I just adore them. Are they coreopsis relatives? In the sunflower family?

    1. Yes! They are in the aster family.

    2. Hello Sweetbay! Your garden has always been among my favorites, and it is good to see it again. I remember your bidens from years past, and they are even more wonderful this year. I also enjoyed the Eva Cassidy rendition of Fields of Gold, a song among my favorites. Wishing you the best, Deb

  10. Whenever I see bidens, I think of your blog. I love those long borders packed with them. :o) Just incredible!

  11. Wow! Impressive swaths of Bidens Sweetbay! Gorgeous! It is good to see your garden again.


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