Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Look Back

Lately in the evenings I have been going through my old garden photos, not just this year's, but photos from previous years as well. I have a big backlog of pictures from the last two years that hadn't been weeded through. It's been rather cheery to look back at the garden during growing season. The daylilies especially look so sunny and colorful on days that are damp and gray.

All of the pictures below are from 2010.

From mid-April, 2010. The garden between the house and the drive was so much smaller then! Monarda 'Raspberry Wine'and rugosa roses have taken over the area where the iris was then and stand a good 6' high in the middle of summer.

Early May, 2010. The white rose to the right is the tiny princess 'Clotilde Soupert', whose flowers are packed with petals and fragrance, and the rose peeking out from the left is 'Hansa'.

'Blush Noisette' has now been moved to a spot on the far side of the front sidewalk.
In this location her long thorny canes were always reaching out to grab as one edged past.

Rugosa alba

This European wood anemone is gone now (voles?), but I really enjoyed it when it returned and bloomed for 3-4 years. I love anemones and they always remind me of the Sisters' Garden in Chapel Hill.

Monarda 'Raspberry Wine' just getting started.


2010 was a stellar day for daylilies. Then I did a butcher's job of dividing them too late in the fall of that year and some are still in the process of recovering.

'Ada May Musick'

'Ada May Musick', with 'Moonlight Masquerade' behind and 'Jedi Blue Note' in front.

'Lemon Berry Frost'. I even love the name.

'Lemon Berry Frost' and 'Ah Youth'

'Ah Youth'

'Lion in Winter'

H. citrina

Yellow daylily from a trade and probably my favorite yellow. Vigorous, elegant, and sweetly fragrant.

The daylily at the top is my favorite yellow (also pictured above), the bottom left is H. citrina, and the bottom right is not 'Hyperion' (although the picture makes it look a lot like it), but a very tall and very fragrant yellow that pales to a light butter yellow by the end of the day. I may still find the tag for that one.

'Smuggler's Gold'

'Lavender Deal'

clockwise from top left: commuter daylily (Hemerocallis citrina), mystery pink
daylily from Wayside, 'Tupac Amaru', and 'Lavender Deal'

'Lavender Stardust'

'Bleu Celeste'

Not sure of the parentage of this one, but I believe it may be a
'Strawberry Candy' seedling. The pink color is outstanding.

The daylily at the top right is an unnamed Bachman seedling. The
other pictures feature a lot of H. citrina and 'Bleu Celeste'.

I don't have many red daylilies, but I love them anyway even if they don't really fit into the overall "cool" palette of white/cream/lavender/blue/pink that I have here. I think the red can work out as exclamation points in a sea of other colors.

The warm burgundy of 'Chocolate Splash' doesn't really fit in either, so it's been moved elsewhere where its rich coloring can be set off by other hot-colored daylilies: 'Sparkling Orange', 'Spellbinder', 'Kwanso', and orange ditch lilies (H. fulva). It is a beautiful daylily, with petals like velvet.


  1. Hi Sweetbay....Your garden is so beautiful! It is exactly what I want my garden to look like. We have so many of the same flowers it's just amazing. I also have the Rugosa rose "Hansa". Mine has gotten totally out of control and so I'll be giving it a hard trim in spring. Luckily I found some really good gloves for the job! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and look forward to seeing your garden in spring (and getting some ideas from your garden!!)

  2. Very nice look back:) I have been doing the same thing.....planning for this next year. Everything is quiet right now. Beautiful flowers to inspire creativity:)

  3. I love these looks back at previous summers, especially when I'm still shivering from coming home on this cold, cold day. And even more, when you're showing daylilies! Now I can't wait until daylily season. I'm drawn to names I like, too; in fact, I've often bought a daylily or heuchera just because of its name, whether it was pretty or not. 'Ah Youth' is such a pretty pink, but I think I need it in my garden because of it's name, too:)

  4. Oh my gosh! Your gardens never cease to amaze and delight me. It must be so exciting living with all of this beauty, in every season, from one year to the next. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Marvellous daylilies !!! Beautiful memories !!!

  6. Lovely pictures!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Oh, the daylilies look good enough to eat! What a treat to see these pictures on such a cold winter day!

  8. I especially like going back into old photos that are two or more years old. It's fun to compare to the current season. Your daylilies look so good in your open, wild areas. They have room to mass, and that makes them glorious. The warm pinks are beautiful.

  9. Yes, it was a great year for daylilies! wow!!!! 'Gentle Shepherd' is very similar to 'Sunday Gloves' that I have in my garden. Hoping my newly acquired rugosas fill in quickly, love their fragrance.

  10. ugh, I'm so jealous. I want the space to really have a huge swath of daylillies. I feel like in my small plot they will not look great.. although typing that out made me think of a narrow spit of lawn between my yard and the neighbors, maybe I could put a whole bunch of daylilly varieties there...

  11. It all looks very colourful - an antidote to the chills of January.
    Despite reading your previous posts on Day Lilies are am always amazed at how many you have and how well they fit in their surroundings.
    Photos are handy at refreshing the memory. It is surprising how much we can forget!

  12. The 'Gentle Shepard' is the most beautiful white daylily I have ever seen. I can see it with the almost black Chocolate Splash. I love Day lilies and Sweetbay, this is a wonderful photo display.

  13. These pics are killer! It's ugly dormant brown here. I have a patch of daylilies that have already put up a bunch of foliage that will probably freeze and die with our high of 20 next week. I love how tough daylilies are. I have lots of them but don't know most of their names.

  14. Sweetbay, you have awesome collection of day lilies, I love it! the prettiest are citron, I think.

  15. I haven't really even started to dig through my archives and do some " weeding". You have managed to dig out some lovely photos Sweetbay! Your daylilies are always so lovely. I must scrap together some money this spring and add to my collection. Your pictures have inspired me!

  16. Thank you for taking me back to 2010 in your time machine. ha ha I, too, enjoy the names of all the different daylilies. Your photos are always fabulous. Nice to think of the red blooms as exclamation points.

  17. I really enjoy looking back and seeing the changes in a garden over time. Your 2010 garden had so many beautiful blooms with so many beautiful colors! Your garden then was gorgeous, and it is even more beautiful now that many plants have matured.

  18. Beautiful daylily photos! What software do you use to make collages? I also have a huge backlog of pictures, lots of which honestly have to be deleted...

    1. Thank you Masha! I use Picasa for making collages.

  19. Lovely to see all of your previous blooms Sweetbay . . . especially since all I can see is white with freezing temperatures. Your collages are so bright, beautiful and inspiring.

  20. i love your photos!
    Thank you for sharing,


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