Friday, November 11, 2011

Indian Summer

Indian Summer -- just the name itself sounds wonderful.

Like almost every den in America in the 1970's, our bookcase had a shelf filled with a set of the World Book Encyclopedia. From all those tomes I remember one article in particular, about Indian Summer.

"A short period of especially fair weather and mild days. It comes in late October or early November when the leaves are turning color and falling from the trees. Indian Summer has no definite dates to begin or end. It is not a separate season, but a part of autumn.

The mild pleasant weather of Indian Summer follows the autumn's first period of cold, wintry days. The days become noticeably warmer, but the nights remain chilly. Throughout Indian Summer, the sun shines dimly and softly. The sky turns a rich blue and always appears gentle and hazy near the horizon. The air remains smoky and still, with almost no wind. An Indian Summer moon often has a yellow or orange hue. Indian Summer lasts from a week to ten days, and sometimes for two weeks. Then winter begins

The article also included a cartoon by John McCutcheon first published in the Chicago Tribune in 1907

in which an old man conjures a scene of Indian spirits dancing around ceremonial fires and the corn shocks are transformed into teepees.

I always found the article to be wonderfully evocative of the magic of Indian Summer.

Indian Summer is a part of autumn, yet different. Lucky for us in central North Carolina this fall has mostly been one long Indian Summer. Mild golden weather, gentle sunlight filtering through colorful trees, silence broken only by leaves fluttering to the earth. The beautiful days make me wish that time could freeze or that Indian Summer could last until spring.

Aromatic Aster in the warm light of the rising sun

In the cooler light of mid morning

Chrysanthemum 'Venus'


Swamp Sunflower

Red Maples, which will later show more vivid colors of gold, orange and red.

Clotilde Soupert


American Beautyberry

Willowleaf Aster 'Miss Bessie'

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  1. I'm with you! I think Indian Summer should last until spring. It is one of my favorite times of the year. Love your photos. The beauty berry is a beauty! Carla

  2. I have never actually read a description of an Indian Summer before.
    Your Beauty Berry is a lovely colour - just right for this gloomy time of year!
    Have a good weekend.

  3. What a beautiful post...I absolutely adore those illustrations...I'm totally saving those! The flower shots are stunning, as always...the Aromatic Aster is just lovely...and I love that shot of the house beyond the Sunflower :-)

  4. I enjoyed the words and the photos, Sweetbay. Serenity ...

  5. Your colourpalett is fantastic this time of year too, indian summer, we had over here as well this year. The beautyberries, sassafrass, aster .. lovely colourcombinations together with your roses :)

  6. Wonderful post about Indian summer and with all of your gorgeous blooms. I love your asters, both kinds. Your beautyberries are wonderful too.

    Happy Indian Summer for as long as it lasts.


  7. Your flowers are beyond lovely. The illustration of Indian Summer is delightful...There's something quite familiar about it and makes me wonder if we had a copy, too. I love this time of year when we get a bit more warmth and the last of the bees are still hanging around. The Willow Leaf aster is still blooming even though we have had a big frost. I thank you again for the gift ....Have a good weekend. gail

  8. Gorgeous flowers and I loved reading about Indian Summer! We are having a long and beautiful one here:-)

  9. Such color to light my eyes. The American beautyberry, have never seen it so natural. Your included colored etchings of the Indian I enjoyed them. I hope yours is long and fruitful. It certainly looks to be magnificent.

  10. Nice pictures, have a nice weekend!

  11. We have Indian Summer over here too.
    Days as you describe though the evenings are not particulary cool.

    A pleasant 21C here today. Big Ol moon a few nights ago.

    Your Aster has flowered its socks off.

  12. Beautiful pictures and an interesting text. All the best to you, all the way from Norway!

  13. Beautiful photos to go with beautiful prose. You really captured the soft beauty of Indian Summer. The years that we have them always seem like a treat. :)

  14. I'd swop our winters for Indian Summers if I could! Those precious days before Father Frost arrives are gorgeous.

  15. Dear Sweet bay, Lovely, lovely photos of your asters in different light. Beautiful words too. I guess we are having a bit of Indian summer this week. A bit odd after having a sneak preview of winter. The snow is gone at least!!

  16. So lovely ... Indian summer ((hugs))!

  17. We've had some Indian Summer days, too, but unfortunately too many nights of frost so that nothing much is blooming here anymore. It's such a treat to see all your lovely blooms--and bees, how wonderful! Love the photo of the aster with the beautyberry branches in front.

  18. Today was an Indian Summer day - warm and humid with a cool evening. I love the pix of your asters. Mine have already gone to bed for the year.

  19. I really enjoyed this post.
    Indian Summer is also one of my favorite times of the year.
    We are to have a 60 degrees day tomorrow, Thanksgiving. I think tomorrow will be our last Indian Summer day...
    Thank you for all your gorgeous photographs.


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