Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's been a lovely spring

It's been a lovely spring here so far. Not too much rain, nor too little. Mostly beautiful sunny weather in the 70's. It's not uncommon in April for someone to turn the faucets off and turn the thermostat up but that didn't happen this year, not yet anyway. ;) Iris virginica, which hardly bloomed in 2010, has responded by putting on a beautiful display that has lasted a long time, longer than the Siberian Iris. The flowers range in color from palest blue-violet to deep purple.

The Mockorange blossoms have lasted a long time too.

The Spiderworts have been blooming with abandon.

I will add more Spiderworts and Iris virginica in front of the roses as soon as the divisions are ready. I have at least one other year-old Amsonia seedling going (to go with the 3-year-old one on the left). I planted 3 and need to look for the other two. There are already lots of daylilies in this bed.

I'm not sure I've ever seen an iris bloom for as long as this Jesse's Song has.

The foxglove, which looked sickly last year after a very
wet winter, look good this year. I always wish I had more.

Peony flowers don't last very long but are so worth it for their intricate beauty.

The roses never disappoint, no matter the weather. These are tough roses though. Not mamby-pamby roses. I never spray them and only prune deadwood.

Clotilde Soupert is a perfect little romantic package in a rose. The only time the
flowers have balled over a 4 year period was during a very wet spell late last summer or fall.

The cultivars are my most beautiful roses, but I love my
rugosa seedlings too. They are such workhorses and very fragrant.

'Nasturana' by the driveway is covered with blooms. No wonder this was J.C. Raulston's
favorite rose. (He was a well-known local horticulturalist and professor at NC State University.)


  1. Ohhhhhh! Seeing your spirderwort reminded me that the one (or two) plant I had hasn't made an appearance yet!

    Your peopnies ARE gorgeous as are your roses. Like you, I have a few very sturdy plants. There is one that has not bloomed much at all in the 6 summers we've lived here. This year, I gave it a good pruning and worked some Epsom salts into the soil around the roots. I'm waiting to see if that does any good. (I don't want to have to "baby" any of my plants.)

  2. Beautiful! I love your mass plantings of tradescantia, and I wish they did better here.. Your roses are gorgeous, I love the picture of Nastarana. I have a rugosa self-seedling too, I kept only one as rugosas don't really like it here (too alkaline and they go chloritic quickly), but mine turned out to be a semi-double creamy white which I loved.

  3. You really have tons of beautiful flowers! Love the Spiderwort. My Jesse's Song didn't bloom this first year. Maybe it will next year. Thanks again for what you shared. I did have a new burgundy one bloom!

  4. Your garden is beautiful - I hope mine looks like this in spring.

  5. Thank you for these glimpses of your lovely blooms. It looks like you have three different colors of spiderwort. I have one, and it is one of my favorites in my gardens.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. I hope your foxgloves seed themselves about.

    Spring has been very dry and warm over here, we're on water restrictions.

  7. I'm glad you are having a good spring this year Sweet Bay. I remember how hot it quickly got last year. We have been cooler than average and now two days of rain (which is very unusual for us). Good for working in the garden tho.
    I always wish I had more foxglove too. I've almost given up. Your stand is pretty ~ maybe they'll increase??
    You're so far ahead of us ~ neither the peonies, iris or roses have thought about blooming yet. It sure looks beautiful there tho. Hopefully the moderate weather will continue.

  8. Lovely... your garden is so close to nature, sweetbay !

  9. Pięknie, śliczne irysy, piwonie i róże.

  10. Love the fragrance of the rugosas on the breeze. You really have a lovely collection of Iris. Great gardens Sweetbay.

  11. Your garden looks lovely, and you are indeed fortunate that you missed the bad weather we have had this spring. We were fortunate up here as well, but I could use some rain.

  12. Wow, your spring garden looks so wonderful. I love Foxgloves and your roses are just so pretty. Mine are budding so maybe soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Beautiful blooms. My peonies were beautiful until beaten down by rainstorms. I just wish that they lasted a little longer! Carla

  14. So very lovely. I lost almost all my iris a few years ago. After seeing your Blue Flag I think I will plant some of them. Gorgeous....
    I too love the peonies. I am drying the petals of some this year. I read that in China they use the peony flowers in tea....I love the idea of peony tea in January.
    Your roses are beautiful.

  15. Love the way you grow your plants.Perfect companions!
    And the peony flowers ...such a beauty !!!
    Have a great sunday !

  16. Sweetbay, your garden always looks lovely, charming... So delightful is not having the immediate hot temperatures so you can enjoy the outside. 70 sounds perfect to me and the flowers clearly respond. (55 here today and more rain) One of our tree peonies just snapped off due to the weight and number of blooms on one branch and with a little help from some heavy rain and wind. We are looking forward to warmer days.

  17. Sweetbay your blog is lovely and also your garden.
    Iris are gorgeous!
    Have a lovely sunday!

  18. What an incredibly beautiful blog, your pictures are stunning! I would really have a hard time keeping my hands still from all the picking of your flowers I would be doing. :) Love the name of your blog...
    Have a great Sunday,

  19. Looks idyllic - love the rugosas the best - that Nasturana looks like one to seek.

  20. Your foxgloves are so lovely that I am deeply jealous!! That last photograph of the white rose in the sunlight is picture perfect.

  21. I'm glad you're finding time to post all these beautiful photos. Aren't foxgloves amazing? That double white peony is glorious.
    There's so much beauty at this time of year but I'm not finding much time to blog! I know you have the same problem.
    I can't believe how fast May is going....

  22. Wow! I'm so amazed that you have foxgloves blooming already. Here they're an early summer flower. So many pretty pictures, thanks for sharing them.


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