Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celebrating Wildflowers ~ Part One

All week I have been thinking of posting to Wildflower Week, hosted by the delightful Gail of clay and limestone but have had a hard time getting my act together. I am "suffering" from an excess of garden photos and indecision about what to do with them. An excess of weeds too.

Earlier this month most of what was blooming in my garden was native, both hardwoods and perennials.

Piedmont azaleas with woodland phlox and Iris brevicaulis.

Pink Piedmont azalea

White Piedmont azalea

Florida Azalea

Those azaleas finished up last week while woodland phlox (shown
below in mid-April) is still in full bloom in some places in the garden.

Coast Azalea is a little later than the Florida and Piedmont Azaleas. I love the pink fuzzy buds and blue-green leaves. I think it could stand more sun than those azaleas too, as it's the only one that leans toward the light.

The fragrance is just like inhaling the fragrance of cotton candy.

This azalea, just arrived in the garden last year, is labelled 'Choice Cream', which I've read is a R. austrinum x atlanticum hybrid. The yellow blotch makes me wonder if it could be an Alabama azalea hybrid though.

Also new to the garden last fall, Alabama azalea. The fragrance has strong delicious lemony notes.

Geranium maculatum, a beautiful find from the farm.

Atamasco Lilies have been blooming in various places ~ in the garden and in the fields and woods ~ for a month now.

Commonly known as Easter Lily, this lily actually bloomed on Easter this year!


  1. Sweetbay,

    These native azaleas are so nice to see and they make for really good photos too. The Alabama Azalea is new to me.

  2. All of these are so beautiful, but my very favorite is the Pink Piedmont Azalea!

  3. I want to lie on a blanket in your garden and drink in the sights, sounds and fragrances! Your azaleas are divine...I might have to dig out a ginormous section of the back garden and create a bed where native azaleas would thrive! Thank you for your kind words~ and work joining the celebration! gail

  4. PS. HMMM that was supposed to be for joining the celebration! lol

  5. Those azaleas look bridal finery to me. Love the phlox divaricata. Mine just quite blooming, and I've been spreading the seeds in shady places. Also, geraniums, here they are a mixed bag, but some thrive. Love them. Thanks for the photos. Simply sublime.~~Dee

  6. One of my clients SO wants a few Piedmont azaleas and I've not been able to find her any here. All you can find at the native nurseries around here are the orange Cumberland azaleas. And here you have a ton. They sure are pretty and I bet smell great.

  7. Hooray for the common Easter Lily. Mine is just barely poking out of the ground.

    Would you believe me if I said we still have a few piles of snow here and there around town? It's true. Makes you want to live here, doesn't it? ha-ha Truth is, I wouldn't really want to live any other place. Most people probably feel that way about home.

    That cotton candy smell is coming right through my computer. Thanks.


  8. The azaleas are incredible!! When we moved into our house, the builder put white azaleas in the front but they were constantly under attack from mites, so I pulled them. They were very compact and not nearly as attractive as yours.

  9. Love the azaleas and butterflies, Sweetbay. All of the flowers are beautiful.

  10. I love the azaleas and the butterfly - such lovely pictures! I know exactly what you mean- I took 680 pictures just today :) - it will probably take me until next spring to go through them...

  11. Gorgeous all! I love the Tiger in the first. Luscious!


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