Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Funhouse Horses

A patient of my husband's wants to paint a picture of our horses to give to him for Christmas.

Taking head shots of horses without halters on is not as easy as it might seem! What I got looks like horses in a funhouse.

So I got Gene to go down with me one day, and the results weren't that much better. lol

Here Gene is trying to push Devor over into the frame. She kept sagging sidewise.

Prince was falling asleep.

The horses weren't too enthused with the project and kept sticking their tongues out. When horses relax they tend to chew a little bit. An example: you ask a horse to do something, they understand and then relax, at which time they lick their lips and chew a little.

I could not get them both facing me and in focus.

Here Gene is scratching their withers. Right now they're shedding out their summer coats and the one spot they can't scratch is right behind their withers. They could if they mutually groomed, but these two do not, I think because Prince is just too tall for Devor. Look at the expression on Prince's face. Does he look happy or what? Such a dork.

Just to keep it garden related -- here's a still-tiny rose
that is nevertheless a great charmer, Pink Clotilde Soupert.


  1. These pictures were a hoot. The horses sure do look relaxed with your DH in that last picture. ;-) They know a good thing when they've got it, and being scratched must be heavenly to them.

    Love your little rose, a real feminine sweetie.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I love the fun house horses Sweetbay~They are beautiful and I hear your love for them~ Beautiful rose, too.

  3. The expression on Prince's face is a picture in itself.

  4. Oh, I love this. And, Prince is a doll. I have soooo many pictures of my own horses big noses. They are so curious about the camera. Hope you're having a great day.

  5. What personalities! They really do have facial expressions, not to mention body language, that we can see and understand. I had a good laugh with this post!

  6. These are so funny, Sweetbay, especially with the horses' noses right up next to the camera. The first shot of Prince, though, is perfect!

    I've never been around horses very much, but my youngest Granddaughter is taking horseback riding lessons now and is trying to talk Grandpa into keeping a pony here for her. I don't think I helped matters when I took her to see "Secretariat" on Monday:) It's a great movie, by the way!

  7. Hi, Sweetbay, What fun horse pictures! My older daughter loves horses so I will be sure to show her your pictures. Don't critters add so much to our lives? And your little pink rose is beautiful! :)

  8. Love the pictures! I know that our horses would never willingly participate in a photo session either. Good luck getting your picture for the painting! Carla

  9. Maybe the artist could just paint them in those funny positions with their tongues out!! You would get a laugh each time you looked at them:-)

  10. I think the horses enjoyed all that messing around - at least the Rose stood still!

  11. I love your horses Sweet Bay! Fun photos! I can see they are not so easy as a butterfly! How lovely it will be to have a painting! ;>))

  12. Too funny on trying to get a good head shot on the horses but I think it would be most funny watching you trying to get the shot! Those darned horses just won't cooperate with you because they wanted a good laugh:) I hope your artist friend can get a good pose from these and I'm thinking he can.

    The bidens look wonderful this year. They are simply incredible in your garden. I think you are so lucky to have rain. The most rain we have had in 10 weeks if 2.5 inches, that all came in August. The rain that just passed thru missed us except for a 1/10th of an inch. It is very dire conditions we have here for gardening. I'm trying to figure out how I'll get my new bulb order into the ground. Should be interesting.

  13. Hi Sweetbay, I think your trying to get your horses to 'pose' is like trying to get a couple of toddlers to pose. Pretty funny.
    Love your roses.

  14. Well, that's not a post title I ever expected to come across, lol. I'm sure the artist can work with what you have and simply not include the tongue. :) (Though I like it.)

  15. These are hilarious! Your guys have so much personality - it is so charming. I bet the painting will be wonderful.

    Love the little rose, too. :)


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