Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doing a rain dance

We need rain in a really bad way. Everything is drying up and going dormant, which doesn't bother me as much as the fact that the water pressure in the well is dropping. Normally the well pumps at 60 gallons per minute.

We had a dry spell this spring too, which is part of the reason that I didn't
get as much coverage with the Bidens as I wanted. Still very colorful though.

The tractor was parked in the front yard so that the bolt that connects the rotor arm of the bushhog to the blades could be replaced. It snapped while I was mowing one of the fields near the creek. Three bolts snapped and two stabilizer bars bent. We let the sapling trees get too big, darn it. However, I was delighted to see two native Snowbells in the field and Gerardia -- not a disease but a native with beautiful glowing pink-purple flowers -- back this year.

Gene saw Tommy laying on the bushhog and dubbed him "Farmer
Tommy". I think Tommy needs a little straw hat. I don't think
he'd go for coveralls though, or any work either for that matter.

These pictures are from last week. All sorts of insects visit the flowers. The
flowers have a fragrance as well as incredible sunny color: part mum and part
sweet, a reminder that fall is coming. Currently the plants are looking very thirsty.


  1. Your Bidens look wonderful in spite of your lack of rain. I see that you are expected to get 1-2 inches in the next couple of days, maybe more, so I hope so for all of you up there. We've had some and are supposed to get more, I hope we do.

    'Farmer Tommy' is cute, and I think he does need a straw hat, but I can just imagine trying to get him to wear one. Dogs will, but not most cats. :-)

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week.


  2. Sweetbay,
    I called a guy in Youngsville an hour ago, he said it was pouring there, nothing but pretty skies here.

    Gerardia is the host to the Common Buckeye, I bet you can find buckeye cats on it!

  3. I like all the rich yellow fall flowers.
    Too bad you can't find a way to put Tommy to work on that bushhog.

  4. We got some much needed rain yesterday and have another chance tomorrow before it dries up again. What we got made a huge difference. I hope you get some too!

  5. Such an exuberance of Bidens.Mine are usually overflowing from a pot. It is delightful to see this meadow.I hope you get rain soon. I know how it feels when waiting for the wet.

  6. They keep dropping our chances~If we get rain I will be very surprised. The bidens look beautiful and Tommy is adorable. gail

  7. Beautiful display of yellowness! We are getting some much needed rain here, I do hope some comes your way.

  8. What an impact, all that wonderful yellow.

    Tommy is probably as workshy as my cats. Loafing is a much better option.

    I hope you get some rain soon.

  9. What a bright yellow statement that makes. Love 'Farmer Tommy' in that adorable picture.
    I've got to thank you again for the Yarrows you sent me. They have bloomed all summer putting on a hot pink show. They've grown and multiplied right from the start. Guess I'll spread the joy around and have hot pink 'pops' all over the place! ;-)

  10. We are getting some rain! Your dance worked. Carla

  11. Hi Sweetbay, your garden still looks lovely and Tommy looks very content. :)

    (I'm dancing for you. :) )

  12. Everything looks so beautiful in spite of no rain, Sweet Bay; I love the wild and natural look of your garden. We finally had a good rain last week; it's amazing how everything perked up afterwards. I hope it comes your way soon.

    Tommy is probably enjoying the warmth of the mower; if he's anything like our Toby, he's a good "supervisor" but not much good at actual work:)

  13. Whatever kind citizen did the dance here I am grateful too. We have had over 5" in two days. I only wish we could spread it out some.

    I somehow think Farmer Tommy will lose his interest in agriculture once that tractor starts up.

  14. I always think of you and your bidens during this time of year. They are so gorgeous!

  15. Sweetbay, The photo with your house and the swath of yellow Bidens is fabulous! Glad you finally got the rain you needed.

  16. In spite of thirst, you are blessed with awesome autumn color, Sweetbay. May more rain, so important for the fall garden, come your way. Happy October :)

  17. How scary to have your well pressure drop. Brings home the reality of what's really important, doesn't it? I hate snow but I remind myself how vital it is to our existence (since all our water comes from mountain melt off).
    Sorry about the tractor issues but it sure makes a picturesque photo parked where it is. Add your cat and it's even better!
    I have to agree that your Bidens are looking amazing. They must be one tough plant! Have a great day SB.


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