Friday, November 20, 2009

Blooming Friday

These pictures were taken before our first killing frost and the remnants of tropical storm Ida.

'Clotilde Soupert'

Rosa rugosa rubra

'Felicia'. I love the color of this rose.

Rosa arkansana

Aster 'Miss Bessie' (with American beautyberry in foreground)

View from an upstairs window

After the frost the dahlias were turned to brown mush and 'Miss Bessie' was beaten down by the rain, but the garden isn't finished.

The garden beside the house is still green although the 'Queen of Siam' basil is done and the Japanese beautyberries lost their leaves in the wind and rain. This time of year I prefer these beautyberries bare anyway; the fountain shape of the bush and berries show to better advantage.

The flowers of the Encore azalea 'Autumn Amethyst' were killed by the cold, but
not the buds, so they're still flowering. In mild years they bloom into December.

There are still spots of fall color around. The oakleaf hydrangea always changes color very late.

The last flowers of 'Basye's Purple' were zapped, but it is now showing some
lovely fall color, courtesy of its Rosa foliolosa heritage. R. foliolosa is a
rose native to the southcentral United States and looks a lot like R. arkansana.

The foliage of the prairie roses (R. setigera) is turning a lovely bright shade of yellow

as has this Calycanthus.

The highbush blueberries at their peak of color now. Many
of them turn a ruby to burgundy red that is really beautiful.

After the frost the swamp cyrilla or titi instantly began to change. Cyrilla and
blueberry are usually stay colorful well into December. If the weather stays moderate
enough all of the leaves on the cyrilla will change to orange, then crimson red.

And the pansies are just getting started! I'm always a sucker for the purple ones.

For more Blooming Friday posts, visit Katarina at roses and stuff.


  1. The pansy is lovely. The vies of the garden are stunning! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh, what a bunch of beautiful pictures. It gives me a feeling of summer and a sense of roses. Thank you and have a nice week end!

  3. Oh my gosh SweetBay ~ I would love to live up there. Your place in the country just does something to me. Then to think of having all that beauty surrounding you to enjoy each and every day, sigh, just heavenly. I love your roses too. Your spiderwort is a luscious color. Love all the fall colors in your leaves also. I am using one of your azalea scenes for my desktop background. I love it and almost feel like I am right there.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. That is a lovely shot of the Tradescantia, and I am glad someone else appreciates the fall color from Blueberries. Have a good weekend.

  5. SweetBay,
    I'm a sucker for antique roses, the Clotilde Soupert is quite a beauty but it even has a heady aroma? Your beautyberry is having a great year, ours look sickly compared to yours.

  6. Lovely!
    Whishing you a nice weekend.
    /Eva Linnea

  7. What gorgeous photos and fall color, Sweet Bay! I love all the long shots--such a peaceful rural setting and so much garden! The close-up of the Tradescantia is my favorite, though; such a pretty purple. Even after the frost there's so much color to see here. Thanks for showing the Prairie Rose again...I really need to check this one out:)

  8. What a wonderful array of roses especially. I am surprised you had a killing frost! I know our weather is changing...but no forecast of frost yet.
    Really enjoy seeing the long view pictures taken from upstairs. What a treat.

  9. Those roses are like a breath of fresh air. I agree with you so much on the calycanthus. It literally shines this year! And holds its leaves a long time. Fothergilla is looking great too.

  10. Your roses are so lovely. I lost almost all of my rose bushes a few years ago in a late spring freeze. I only have two minature bushes left. I am debating on replanting. After seeing all of your blooming roses here in November I just might try again to have a rose garden.
    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  11. The roses are beautiful and that aster is amazing. What type of soil conditions do you have there? Your property reminds me of the area where I grew up.

  12. As always, what gorgeous color! I didn't realize oakleaf hydrangeas got such wonderful deep fall color! And the fuchsia-colored rose is indeed stunning. I'll assume that your spiderwort is a fall-blooming variety? Mine blooms in early summer and I know our weather can't be *that* different! ;-)

  13. I always love seeing your expanse of land Sweetbay. Lovely photos all ... I especially like the one with your truck in the background ... something so poetic about it. Your landscapes are like paintings and to end with that colorful face... sweet. Carol

  14. I am a sucker for those purple pansies too. I loved seeing the "birds eye" view of your garden in this season. It looks like a place I would never want to leave!

  15. You have beautiful scenery around your home. I love the color of the berries on beautyberry. Need to find a place for one or two. I hope your weathers continues to be warm and you can enjoy the fall colors for a while yet.

  16. The foliage of species type Roses are much more interesting at this time of year than the hybrid ones. Rosa arkansana is particularly attractive.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  17. I just love the opening pic of the dahlia. I believe that they are the most photogenic of all flowers. The fall colors of the roses are really beautiful. I haven't been in the garden at all
    since Sunday but I'm sure that not much is blooming now except for Verbena 'Snowflurry' which I can see shining out from across the yard.

  18. Clotilde Soupert makes my heart beat faster...such a wonderful rose! So glad you still have wonderful colours of autumn in your garden - the red of the blueberries is fabulous.
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Your photos are beautiful...I love the buds...promise of new life...

  20. I have the same roses :) Your photos are great :)

  21. What beautiful views you have there! I love seeing all the flowers and pretty foliage there.

  22. Sounds like your garden has something to offer at every time of year. The flowers were beautiful, but the autumn colors are a joy, too. The pansies will keep you cheerful for a few more weeks, at least.

  23. Sweetbay, Have I mentioned lately how beautiful I think your garden is? The pine trees are stunning.

    The Oak-Leaved Hydrangea is such a deep, rich wine colour that I could have a stem in a vase just for the foliage. Gorgeous :)

  24. Oh, what wonderful pictures! Blooms are all so pretty, but the tradescantia with its fluffy middle won my heart!

  25. Dear Sweetbay, Your garden makes me happy! The roses are beautiful and I always imagine that their scent is delicious...We haven't had a killing frost yet, but it has to be soon....gail

  26. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

    Phillip we have acidic sandy loam here. The pH is naturally 4.5-5.0.

    Monica 'Zwanenburg Blue' blooms from April until the cold cuts them down if it gets enough moisture. It's a cultivar of T. virginiana.

  27. Hi Sweet Bay,
    Wow, I love the way you did it up for Blooming Friday! You have lots of beautiful blooms and foliage, and you know I always enjoy the wider views, too. You are blessed to see what you do from your window.

  28. Your roses are gorgeous! I love to see photos of the Beautyberries...thanks for including them. Love the colour of the azaleas and the pansy. Your surroundings are so beautiful!

  29. Amazing pansy shot, Sweet Bay! So much color, no wonder you fall for these. I had tried to order Bayse's purple when we were adding antique roses here in the beginning of the plantings here, in 2000. They were sold out. Now I am sorry I didn't look elsewhere. :-)


  30. Hi Sweet Bay!
    Lovely photos you are showing. The pansy makes me to think of the coming spring - but first christmas to celebrate!
    Have a nice week!/

  31. The aster with the beautyberry is a perfect pairing. Lovely flowers in your garden still.

  32. I never tire of seeing your garden Sweet Bay. The long views, the macros, your pets, etc. It's all beautiful. Maybe because it's so different than my suburban garden with the paved driveway, etc? I much prefer yours (as long as I didn't get snowed in!) I love that first photo of the dahlia. Even tho it's sad about your killing frost, it seems you've had a nice fall.


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