Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blooming Friday

We haven't yet had a killing frost, so there is still a lot in bloom.
This Hibiscus dasycalyx has bloomed on and off since June.

'Blush Noisette' has been putting out blooms for several weeks.
The fragrance is as old-fashioned and sweet as the flowers.

The fuchsia pink of this rugosa rubra really stands out and shows up the beautiful stamens.

'Madame Ernest Calvat' hasn't produced a lot of blooms at once in my garden, but each flower is a delight.

Like the roses, the dahlias limped along all summer through the heat and Japanese
beetles, but with the arrival of autumn they have really come into their own.

Naturally this deep purple one doesn't have a tag. I love the color; it's very rich and velvety.

This lovely pink dahlia lays on the ground more than she stands up, but she is beautiful nonetheless.

Both the pink dahlia and this one came from a lady in the mountains of NC, where
dahlias are a garden staple. The dahlias love the cooler temperatures up there.

'Ferncliff Illusion'

Perhaps my favorite of all, 'Rothsay Reveler'. The flowers can be
huge and can range from purple and white to nearly all purple.

The American beautyberries are at their peak now; in mild weather the color lasts for weeks.
These are growing between the woods and the old house site, together with some wild blueberry.

The asters are at their peak too. This sweet nameless aster appeared in the middle of the Carolina rose.

The low-growing aromatic aster is covered in blue-violet flowers.

The daisy mums are in full bloom as well. This is 'Venus', which I fell in
love with after seeing it at the local university arboretum several years ago.

The swamp sunflowers are still lighting up the garden with their golden flowers

and the pineapple sage is attracting clouds of sulfur butterflies.

Crinum 'Royal White', a fall-blooming crinum, still putting up scapes of flowers after every rain.

For more Blooming Friday posts, visit Katarina at roses and stuff.


  1. Hello,

    I just awarded you the Honest Scrap Award on my blog. I would love to have you participate, because I enjoy your blog very much. It would be great to learn more about you. If you don't want to, I understand.

  2. Oh gosh, it still looks like summer in your garden! So many lovely flowers to enjoy! Your Dahlias are stunning - fabulous colours! The shot of the Blush Noisette made me sigh...a happy sigh...such a romantic rose!
    Happy Blooming Friday!

  3. Although there's been no "killing frost" at our part of the world either yet, I can't find all those flowers in my garden.... Nice! :-)

  4. It looks like you have summer, so many beatiful flowers are still blooming in your garden.. Have a nice weekend with lots of sun and joy.. Moa

  5. Your dahlias are stunning. My crinum lilies are also blooming.

  6. Sweetbay, these images are so beautiful!! Your dahlias and your photography...simply stunning!!

  7. I love them ALL! So many blooms... I favor the first two shots... and of course your roses are gorgeous as are your Beautyberries... they makes quite a statement. Your Crinum and Salvia are very lovely too. I know you have a hard time with the heat in the summer... so I am happy for you that you have such a wonderful floriferous Autumn. I am trying hard not to be jealous! Carol

  8. Sweetbay,

    Lovely flowers, the dahlias are stunning. Never been able to do much with dahlias here in Durham. You white asters are commonly called "frost aster".

  9. We have not had a frost yet either, and none is forcasted any time soon. Those Dahlias are luscious, especially the dark purple one. Speaking of purple, your beautyberry is very nice. I put one in last week. Have a good weekend and a happy Halloween.

  10. How wonderful to have such a long growing season. Loved seeing your roses, they are perfect in cooler weather.

    Definitely need to get a beautyberry The berry colors is so unusual.

  11. My goodness Sweetbay, I am impressed. All your blooms are gorgeous. I love those dahlias..especially the two toned ones. Do you leave all your dahlias in the ground over the winter? I just remember my grandfather growing dahlias (in Pittsburgh) digging them up every year.

  12. WOW--look at all your blooms! The bush hibiscus, dahlias, and bees are all long-since done here. And your beauty berry is stunning! The leaves on my shriveled and died before the berries were done this year and they never really optimally, um, berried!

  13. What a beautiful array of flowers you have (and berries). It looks like summer in your garden so I hope the killer frost stays away :-)

  14. Dang, your garden looks divine, lady! I am insanely jealous. I am buried in two feet of snow. Nice to see your blooms.

  15. What gorgeous blooms, Sweet Bay, and absolutely stunning photographs! My garden is pretty much done for the year, so seeing all this color, not to mention the sunny skies, is quite a treat. I've never had much luck with dahlias before, but you have convinced me to give them another try next year.

  16. Your blooms are gorgeous and the way you captured them is beautiful!

  17. Hello!

    Best of all: wonderful: Ferncliff Illusion, what a color ---- and your cat!
    Have a nice weekend ;:O)

  18. Lovely Dahliaphotos, and the beautyberries!!!
    Have a nice weekend!/

  19. Wonderful! Just beautiful, every one of them! The beauty berries have such stunning color. And those dahlias...they are to die for! I first saw the deep purple one, not expecting to be wowed with more and more of them! They're all so outstanding and your photos of them are really great! Will you need to dig them up for the winter, or will they be ok in the ground in your area of NC?

  20. SB~~delicious post~~Really fantastic flowers. Full sun is magical and you are the flower magician! Add to list~~More dahlias, beautyberry and sun! gail

  21. What a sweet, soft autumn you have! Love the American Beautyberries - that close-up is amazing.

    Happy Halloween! :)

  22. oh my! i envy you for still having these blooms! they're gorgeous, especially your dahlias! your beautyberries look like sweet candies --- birds would surely love them when winter comes...

    and i'm quite awed by your crinium "royal white" --- they have a quiet beauty that is so soothing and romantic...

  23. Oh! So many flowers still in your garden, and you must have plenty of different Dahlias, they look lovely, all of them, but beautiberries, how special, I can't remember ever to have seen them before. I envy your clima :) here it's cold...

  24. Thank you for your comments and kind words.

    Jan and Janet,I usually leave the dahlias in the ground unless we have a serious cold snap. They are in 1-3 gallon pots with the bottoms cut out (to keep the voles at bay), so if the weather turns really cold I lift out the pots and stash them under the house.

    Randy I don't know if the mystery aster is a Frost Aster. We have a lot of Frost Asters here and they have white flowers while the flowers on the mystery aster are a soft lilac-pink. Whichever aster it is I really like it!

  25. All your beauties make me want to move to NC! Those Dahlias are breathtaking, and the Beautyberry is just gorgeous. I especially love your close-up of it with the dewdrops. Wow!
    I'm drooling over each and every glorious bloom (Crinum, sage, asters, mums, sunflowers, roses..all!), and your photos are fantastic!

  26. I'm always amazed by the incredible detail and color you get in your macros. I love the many varieties of dahlias.


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