Thursday, January 22, 2009


We got 5-6" of snow on Tuesday, an uncommon occurrence here in central NC. The snow creates a wondrous change from the ordinary winter landscape we have here. The clarity of light we have here in winter, and the muted taupes and browns, punctuated by the green of the pines and wax myrtles, is beautiful as well, but there is something about the purity and fluffiness of snow and the way the sun is reflected off of of it that is magical. A real snowfall is a treat for those of us who don't get one very often!

Here are some compare and contrast winter and spring/summer shots. The contrast is amazing, isn't it? Of course the pure white of the snow will contrast strongly with any color. My gray pony looks dingy in comparison at the moment.

Vegetable garden border:

In June:

Between driveway and house, looking towards paddock:

I like the quality of the late afternoon light on the snow here.

These 2 shots are not as closely aligned as the other ones, but I like the
contrast of the green with the white. The neighbor's pasture is to the left.

'Jesse's Song' and Verbena bonariensis:


  1. Wouldn't I love a little walk there, with hot chocolate afterwards :-)
    Especially in picture 7 from the top, which is so atmospheric.
    Nice to compare the same spot in these opposite guises.

  2. Wonderful pictures. What a contrast! I will have to remember to get some pictures this winter and do that mid summer:)

  3. I enjoy these types of pics, too. I am so behind in my blog reading, and I spent way too much time this evening trying to figure out how to make a collage for my blog header. I never did figure it out.

    I did remember that we first met on the cottage garden forum. I'm lvtgtdn there.

    Keep taking and posting those great pics!


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