Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blooming Friday Dec. 5th

These shiny red hips are a reminder of the ghosts of flowers past. This is Rosa carolina, a delightful rose native to North America. It's often found at the woodland edges, where it may only grow 12-18" and be a shy bloomer. In a garden situation Carolina rose is much more robust, growing to over 4 feet in height and suckering in all directions.

Carolina rose and hungry hoverfly

The fragrance is exquisite, a combination of traditional damask rose fragrance and lemon.

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  1. Beautiful, delicate flower on a tough plant. I didn't realize they had such a nice fragrance.

  2. That's a beautiful rose! I love the soft pink shade...and the rose hip is very decorative too! Thanks for joining blooming Friday!

  3. Hello Amy and Marnie!

    The fragrance really is wonderful. I first discovered this rose when I saw it growing wild in my parent's wooded yard many years ago. I instinctively bent down to it, although at the same time not really expecting anything, and was delighted to find that the flowers are very fragrant.

  4. Sweetbay,

    I would love to have this beauty in my garden! The coloring and then the fragrance would be very welcome! It might be happy here in the woodland edge! Gail

  5. Rose fragrance and lemon...just imagining how wonderful they must smell.

  6. I love those pics, especially the ones with the bee.

  7. Gail, I think this rose would be very happy in your garden. She is tough and beautiful.

    Patsi the fragrance really is nice. It makes me wonder if this rose has been used in breeding and if any other roses have this fragrance.

    Thanks Sue. :)

  8. I love NC and Southern gardeners. This rose is so pretty. I love the soft color. Your pics are crisp and clear as if I could bring them closer for a good sniff.

  9. Hi flowergardengirl, yes NC is a wonderful place to live. It's nice to be able to garden all year. Thank you for your comments!

    Thank you Dave!


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