Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camera Critters

Wouldn't this make a fine image on a coin...
especially in the wizarding world.

Our cat Tommy. In spite his name he is not a tomcat, lol.

The wild rabbits that make it to adulthood get very used to us.
I have to actually be careful not to step on the ones that hang
around the hay shelter. Luckily they prefer grass and clover to
my garden plants.

Last year I finally memorized an easy way to tell Viceroy and Monarch
butterflies apart: the Viceroy has a black horizontal stripe running
across the hindwings. You can make out the stripe on one of the wings
in this picture.

Visiting guineafowl


I think they look a little bit like a Tim Burton creation.

Riding the big horse (Prince) in one of the fields..

Our Half Arabian pony, who we've had since she was a yearling.

To see more critters, visit Camera Critters!


  1. Goodness, you have a lot of critters around your place. Your bunnies look much sweeter than the ones Misty has today.

  2. You have lovely critters in your garden.My son used to have pet bunnies when he was little-they were so cute.Tommy looks like a very wise cat.

    Take care,

  3. sweetbay your picture of Tommy is beautiful! Great job!
    You are so lucky the rabbits like clovers and other things and don't bother your plants. They are so cute but such a pain around here at times chewing low growing things. The deer take care of the top half! LOL
    I just picked your post on Blotanical but Stuart got credit for it! I haven't been around much but did manage to go to Blotanical the other day and this same thing happened. I wrote them and he thought it was taken care of 'til today and it happened again! Think I'm being punished for not going there very often lately. LOL not really.
    The horse pictures are great - something I always loved doing was riding. Guess I should go over the mountains and ride my sisters horses to see if I'm still able to do it after my surgery. I might get a pleasant surprise! ;-)

  4. Bunnies in a garden is a funny site for me; we don't get bunnies roaming around freely in gardens here in India.
    Tommy does give the impression of a thinking brooding cat from the wizard world. Does she take those guinea fowl visiting her domain kindly?

  5. What a great assortment of critters you have. Tommy's photo would make a fine image on a coin. Loved your Tom Burton comment about the guinea fowl. You life in a beautiful area. I love horses, too.

  6. Tommy. the Lionking !! or even more of a emperor..

  7. A fantastic cet of "critter" photos, some cute critters too! :)

  8. Tommy does indeed look noble. Your half Arab pony looks a lot like my horse Mischief.
    Great collection of critters.

  9. What a WONDERFUL assortment of critters here! Love the first one of Tommy and the wonderful bunny especially!!!
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Your Tommy is adorable and yes, that would make a great coin picture. Thanks for the tip on viceroys. I do see the stripe!

  11. Tommy is one good-looking cat. (I have a soft spot for orange cats, especially.) The guinea fowl do in fact look Tim Burton-esque. But where are they visiting from? As in, are they wildlife or belong next door...? (Don't know these birds, sorry!) I know nothing about horses, but those look happy!

  12. Tommy is so pretty! You really do have a lot of critters around your place.

  13. Tommy is very regal :)

    Love all the pictures. This is first time I've seen guinea fowl - cute in an odd duck sort of way.

    Great post!

  14. Your parcel of land looks so secluded and beautiful in all your photographs. I'm not sure where you are based by somewhere exotic (to me) from your visiting creatures (excluding rabbits, of course). I rode from an early age but haven't been riding for 20 years now, promised myself I would brush-up on a little dressage when we moved out here, but somehow never seem to find the time or money. Envy you in having that relationship with an animal, miss it.

  15. What a wide range of critters! You have such a pretty yard it's no wonder you attract so many. The Viceroy is so pretty, I've never seen one.

  16. Tommy is adorable and cute bunny. Love horse too!

  17. that's a lot of animals, love to ride your horses.

  18. Tommy is adorable! And how good of the rabbits to stick to grass and skip your beautiful flowers!

  19. Lovely selection of critters, i especially love the first one of Tommy.

  20. Amazing collection for critters :)
    Big hug to Tommy
    Kareltje =^.^=

  21. So many wonderful critters. I am partial to the butterflies but love the birds and horses and also the cats....just love them all!

  22. Great tip on telling the Monarch and Viceroy apart Sweet Bay! I'll have to remember. Love all your critter pics but am partial to the kitty! :-)

  23. wow adorable pictures! I love your visitors! Great and creative post!
    happy camera critters
    purrs and love


  24. Tommy looks to be a very serious hunter... amazing the rabbits thrive so... you are very lucky they do not eat your veggies or garden plants as the critters do here... I suppose southern rabbits are more respectful of their neighbors... better manners and all. Love the quinea fowl... and of course it is always great to see your Prince! What a beauty!

  25. Our Chester looks just like your Tommy!

  26. I love Guineafowl, they make me long for a place in the country - as if I need another reason. Your bloom day posts were very nice, especially all of the Hibisus clan.

  27. Thank you for your comments everyone. I appreciate them!

    Green Thumb, Tommy doesn't really pay any attention to the Guineas, but his sister stalks them from afar. She wishes they were a 1/2 or 1/3 size.

    Monica, the Guineas are from the neighbor's farm. Their house is about a quarter of a mile away up the hill. We've been visited by their emu and turkeys as well.

    Tommy does remind me of a miniature lion, without the mane. Mostly he lounges around and then tries to take his sister's catches. His sister reminds me of a Cheetah, with her speed and extra long tail.

  28. Hi SweetBay, Tommy is a very handsome cat.

    I'd love to have guineas or chickens here but the coyotes would have them in a flash:( One lone guinea passed thru my farm last year. Unusual to have only one. I set out feed but he didn't stay. Went on searching to join another flock I suppose.

  29. LOL! The guineafowl do look like something Tim Burton would create! What a funny observation.:-)--Randy

  30. Hi!

    What a handsome guy Tommy is;))! Send my love to him;))!
    This blog seems to be a lovely blog with beatifull pictures!
    About my Campanula divaricata - its name is in English Southern Harebell.
    Kind of you to look in my blog!/Anja

  31. Your Tommy resembles a lion basking in the sun. You've given me an idea on how to keep all the rabbits from eating my flowers....plant a clover field for them. To be able to walk out your back door and ride your horses in your very own fields is very special.

  32. Tommy looks very beautiful and smart. I love red cats. We had a manx tabby called Tommy and he was a tom. Good memories. Great summer shot. I can smell the summery fragrance of the Buddleia and the pretty butterfly was sitting on command was it not? The horses are very special. Your post brings all this memories to me. The stock horses we had; the tabby; exactly the same Buddleia growing into the diningroom window. Only Mrs. Bentelie our pet Guinea fowl is still around she is probably a 1oo time grandgrandmother! Have a nice weekend "sweety" it is already Thursday.

  33. Tommy is a beauty~~and so are your horses! Sweetbay, your critters are all delightful ~~gail

  34. Wizarding world! Good one Sweet Bay! Your critters are so sweet, and the jockey is too. I love the guinea fowl, we used to have them along the roads when I was growing up in Oklahoma, haven't seen any since then. Lucky about the rabbits not eating your stuff too. Ours have quite a sweet tooth for strawberries. :-)

  35. love the profile photo of tommy --- i think he's enjoying the sun:)!... and yeah, the guineafowl visitors with their small head and bead-like eyes would do great in a burton film:)... and you seem to have a very graceful jockey :)...


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