Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rosa palustris scandens

Rosa palustris scandens is probably my favorite rose of all. The roses pictured below are not a straight species rose, but some sort of R. palustris hybrid sold by Antique Roses Emporium. Whatever it is, it's an incredible rose. It's unusual among roses in that it can grow with its root submerged under water, and tolerates dry conditions very well too.

I have two shrubs that I purchased back in 2000. Both are now about 7' high and 6' wide. This rose is once-blooming and the perfume is intense but fleeting. On a hot day the fragrance is usually burned off by noon. Every May the bushes are entirely covered with blooms; the rest of the year they are graceful shrubs with healthy foliage. Only very old wood has thorns.

Two Rosa palustris scandens bushes by the gate.

Roses with Smooth Beardtongue and Verbena bonariensis

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