Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Raspberry Wine and Claire Grace

Monarda Raspberry Wine is usually listed as M. didyma, but judging from its height and vigorousness it has M. fistulosa genes too. The foliage has a musky minty fragrance when crushed, different and not as vivid as that of Monarda Claire Grace but really nice, reminiscent of Catmint.

The flowers are a very vivid raspberry pink. At one point I thought the color was too strong for the color scheme of the bed and tried to move it out, but Monarda is almost impossible to completely remove once it's in. So all I ended up accomplishing was to divide it. Which is just as well because I love the color now.

Monarda is a vigorous grower and a heavy feeder; it comes and goes like the tide depending on rich the soil in the garden is from year to year.

Buttered Popcorn with Monarda Raspberry Wine; Brazilian Blue Sage in background

Monarda Claire Grace is a cultivar of Monarda fistulosa. It grows to 3-4' in height and is mildew resistant until late in the growing season. The foliage has a strong peppery sweet fragrance when crushed, especially evidently when stepping on the rosettes in winter.

M. Claire Grace and daylily Hyperion

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