Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spring Natives Part III

This is a Geranium maculatum that DH found beside one of the horse pastures. I dug it 10 years ago so that it wouldn't be mowed and it has since been divided at least 3 dozen ways. This particular geranium has fringes at the edges of the petals, unlike other geraniums of this species I've seen which are smooth and rounded at the tips. Its delicate color is shown to best advantage in part shade. It's happy in a variety of conditions from (reasonably) dry to soggy.

Woodland phlox (Phlox divarcata) with Jacob's Ladder. I like the contrast in textures when the two are grown together.

A closer look at Jacob's Ladder foliage:

Foamflower is new to me in the garden, as it does not survive flooding. I have two different cultivars of Tiarella cordifolia: one blooms early and another later and both are wonderfully fragrant. The tiny flower spires have a delicate beauty that complements other plants very well.

Goldflame honeysuckle is reported to be a hybrid between Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) and L. americana. I have never seen L. americana, but that's where Goldflame Honeysuckle must have gotten its fine scent, as the beautiful Coral Honeysuckle has none. The fragrance is wonderful but not as strong or persistant or anything like Japanese Honeysuckle (my favorite all-time fragrance, even if the plant is an overly aggressive alien). One must catch the fragrance of Goldflame Honeysuckle before the sun burns it off.

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